The Fairfax R-3 School Board met August 17, 2017. Board President Josh Oswald called the meeting to order at 6:42 p.m. Present were board members Chris Smith, Mike Lewis, Doug Miller, Sam O’Riley, and Marshal Oswald; Jon Graves was absent. Others present were Superintendent Jeremy Burright, Principal Dustin Barnes, secretary Karen Burke, and CTA representatives Aimee’ Seymour and Josh Mullins.
Jon Graves presented the agenda with the amendment of 10.8: Tax Levy. The agenda with the amendment was approved. The board reviewed the minutes from the July 20, 2017, regular board meeting. The board reviewed the financial report and the monthly reconciliation report indicating a liquid balance of $474,056.08 as of July 31, 2017. Dr. Burright reviewed the fund balance with the board, indicating a total balance of all institutions at $786,013.27 as of August 17, 2017. The August monthly bills in the amount of $57,077.53 were reviewed and approved for payment.
K-12 Principal’s Report
Registration was held on August 9th. Thanks to Mrs. Burke, Mrs. Umbarger and Mrs. Hedlund for taking care of it!! Elementary back to school night was Wednesday, August 16th and the first week of school is August 17th and August 18th with school dismissing at 12:15 p.m.
The Solar Eclipse will take place on Monday, August 21, and teachers are working on a few lessons and safety information for the kids. The school intends on taking the students outside to the football field at some point after lunch, prior to the full eclipse time.
Picture day will be August 30.
We have received Project Lead The Way donations from the Kiwanis Club ($1,000), Xi Lambda Beta ($1,000), Morgan Trust ($2,000), and Dean Curnutt Trust ($25,000). Barnes will be bringing a STEM/Project Lead The Way Proposal to get started with the project.
The school has received a $10,000 Monsanto Grant for the 2017 school year! This grant was written in February. The school will be purchasing new Chromebooks for grades 3, 4, 5, 6 and a 3 year subscription to IXL math and science for grades K-8, which is a computerized assessment and tutorial program designed to help teach kids skills that they are struggling with. It can be used during regular class time, intervention time or outside of the school day.
The school’s MAP and EOC data is in. Barnes will provide a hand-out with this year’s information as well as the last 3 years worth of data. AYP will come out later in the year, probably September, and Barnes will go over the entire report at that time. Preliminary information looks wonderful again!!
There are five new teachers in the building: History – Mr. Kellner, English – Mrs. Morris, Title 1 – Mrs. Lucas, Pre-School/Title – Miss Clark, and 3rd Grade – Ms. Stadel.
Active Shooter Training was held at the Fairfax school on Thursday, August 17.
EA Wolves Athletics
An administration meeting was held on August 3 at Tarkio. The working document/administration handbook was gone through and everyone got on the same page. A lot of good discussion was had. Mr. Barnes really feels like there is a great group of administrators who are committed to making everything run as smoothly as possible.
EA Wolves Coaches meeting was held on August 3 at Tarkio.
The back to school picnic was held at Tarkio on August 3. Thanks to the Boosters and Lions Club for hosting and providing food.
Coaches were CPR/AED/First Aid trained in Tarkio. Thanks to Mrs. McEnaney for providing the great training!
Coach Unternahrer, Mrs. Livengood and Barnes have been working on scheduling, communication, transportation and logistics of supervision for the athletic season. Tarkio has set up the transportation for the fall season and everyone is working on being proactive and having all trips set up earlier this year.
Volleyball has a scrimmage August 17 and the first football game is on August 18 at Southwest Livingston.
EA junior high athletic practices started Monday, August 14.
EA Wolves Volleyball Tournament takes place August 24 and August 26. Due to a rollback in the calendar next year, the schools are planning on having the volleyball tournament on Saturday, August 25. Since the first date for fall sports’ games is Friday, August 24, this will eliminate the pool play portion of the tournament. If it was moved back a week to have pool play, we would be back on Labor Day weekend again. The 1 day tournament format next year.
We seem to have a great group of coaches and athletes this year and we are looking forward to a lot of great success!!
Superintendent’s Report
Examination of approved 2017-18 budget vs. 2012-2016 Expenditures. The board approved the 17-18 budget to deficit spend up to an amount of approximately $24,000. Actual past expenditures are all in excess of $1,800,000. This year’s proposed budget is $1,759,366. Based on past expenditures, this is less than what Dr. Burright would estimate we will be spending. He is currently completing his examination and sharing information with Dr. Bruce Johanson in order to get a second opinion. He would like to be sure before moving forward or taking any action to modify the approved budget.
Lighting for the playground, installed by KCP&L, would cost approximately $55.00 per month. Another light already exists to light the playground, but the power cable has been cut. Lynn Pyeatt has committed to putting the line inside a conduit and rewiring the light. Cost for light repair/installation should be below the threshold needed for board approval.
Strategic planning interviews are getting done! Dr. Burright said it has been his pleasure to speak with everyone and can’t wait to complete this work.
Windows on the second floor are in and just need the finishing work on the interior of the building.
The board voted to approve the consent agenda. After looking into the possibilities for bus transportation, it was determined our best option would be to purchase a new bus. Doug Miller made a motion to buy from Central States the $71,300 bus with a trade in of $8,600. The motion was seconded and approved by all.
The board reviewed the local compliance plan certification statement. Marshal Oswald made a motion to accept the State Compliance Plan as presented. The motion was seconded and approved by all.
Doug Miller made a motion to approve the Annual Secretary of Board Report as submitted. The motion was seconded and approved.
Doug Miller made a motion to approve the bus routes as presented. The motion was seconded and approved.
The monetary donations for Project Lead the Way were approved. The board voted to approve the prom site. The board voted to accept the Anderson Erickson bid for the milk supply and the the lunch prices as set.
Mike Lewis made a motion to set the tax rate levy at 4.0348 per $100 of assessed valuation. The motion was seconded and approved by all.
Aimee’ Seymour and Josh Mullins, CTA representatives, announced the CTA will be doing some beautification projects in and around the building. They asked for any suggestions, volunteer help, and if possible to split costs with the board.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m.