Thanks to local donations of suitcases, Dan Yonker with Helping Hands Family will be be able to get the shoes, boots, clothing, laptops, children’s learning software, and other items to South Africa.
(Helping Hands Family Photos)

Daniel Yonker with Helping Hands Family, a non-profit, will soon be traveling to South Africa to continue the groups’ mission to help as many children and citizens as possible. Thanks to local donations of suitcases, much needed items like shoes, boots, clothing, laptops, children’s learning software, and more will now easily be transported overseas to those awaiting Daniel.

Dan will be providing incentives to the young farmers by launching the Future Farmers of Africa group and providing FFA boots.

Helping Hands has helped to improve human nutrition in South Africa by empowering young people and teaching them agricultural skills. A few years back, a greenhouse was installed and the locals were taught how to grow their own food with supplies and seeds brought over from the U.S. This year, 200 fruit trees will be delivered to go along with the now thriving South African garden. In a place where starvation is prevalent, it is essential to not only supply food to those in need, but also show them how to grow their own food.

Dan is also taking over 200 pairs of new shoes for impoverished children and over 500 pounds of clothing for poor families to South Africa when he makes his trip.

In addition to the growing food initiative, the group also will be helping improve education in Rorke’s Drift, South Africa. Helping Hands is providing 10 laptop computers with wireless mouse and headsets, three pairs of “Rock & Learn” DVD sets with 20 DVDs each, five Leap Frog Learning DVD sets, five sight word flashcard sets with 500 flashcards each, and five Microsoft Office training tutorials.
Dan said it’s great to see how Helping Hands Family has helped feed, clothe, educate, and empower those in need.