As you walk through the front door this silhouette is above the dining area.

The tile mosaic is at the entryway to the restrooms. The mosaic symbolizes the four state boundaries.

The custom designed covered wagon bar will allow for serving on three sides.

The double sided fireplace will keep you warm while you wait to get a table.

Progress is being made on Dusty Trail Cafe and Steakhouse (formerly Black Iron Grill) as they get closer to opening their doors in October. As you can see by the pictures there have been several changes to the interior of the building. When you come through the new, remodeled entryway, you walk into the main dining area. To your right will be the hostess stand and gift shop, along with a lounge and waiting area around the double sided fireplace. Behind the fireplace you enter the bar room with a signature bar that resembles a covered wagon. Looking to your left you will see the doorways to the two banquet rooms that will also seat the overflow. Each room is equipped with everything a group would need to host a meeting with drop down projection screens and audio hookups. The restrooms have been relocated and expanded and in addition, a family style restroom has been added.
The decor will be a western theme, including an elk antler chandelier, a bison head and a stuffed bear. Their signature booths will have a wagon wheel feature and the tables will also have a unique shape to them. When you put them all together they will fit like a puzzle to form a larger table.
The menu will have a few twists. To start, they will be offering a wild game section including Bison, Elk and Wild Boar. Other menu items will include a turkey waffle sandwich which will be like a Thanksgiving dinner. The waffles will be made from stuffing along with the a cranberry sauce. Or maybe you will want Banana Bread French Toast. There will also be the regular menu items much like Trail’s End currently has.
Dusty Trail will be a steakhouse at night and a cafe during the day, starting with breakfast that will be served until 5 p.m. before switching to a dinner menu.
As October gets closer, keep an eye out for an opening date.