Martin Phillip, Bud Harger, Barry Berr, Aaron Mortimore, Jim Hickok, Tom Gibson Sr., Elbert Hudson, Earl Stoner, David Armstrong, Damon Sloop, Leland Esser, Jim Gustason, Jerry Konfirst, Gib Holmes, Gary Armstrong, Spec Hendrick, Sandy & DJ Thompson, Roy Wyan Esser, Ronnie Bradley.

The Watson Quilters decided about a year ago to make some quilts to honor American  veterans. It was mentioned joining a larger group, but it was decided they probably had enough veterans to keep us busy right in this neck of the woods.
Thus far, the Watson Quilters  have approximately 50 quilts made, though some are not bound yet. Tammy Oakes quilts all these soldier quilts free of charge for the group. The Watson Quilters have presented 28 Freedom Quilts to date.
“We chose veterans that we knew. There’s probably some we missed, but it has been a long road to get this many done. Of course, we all have some relatives or close friends that we want to present them to. If we missed you, we’re sorry. But we do appreciate all those who served our country,” said Kay Gibson, Watson Quilters member.
Pictured above are some of the veterans and the Freedom Quilts they received.  Pictures were not always taken or are unavailable and some have already appeared in the Atchison County Mail.  The following veterans are not pictured: Robert Kirk, Rick Hinkel, Roger Thiles, Ken Daugherty, Dick Workman and Adam Heard, stationed in Hawaii.