The following traffic violations occurred in Atchison County and were paid through the Missouri Judiciary Fine Collection Center:
Nicole Marie Blea – Of Tarkio, Exceeded Posted Speed Limit (Exceeded By 20-25 Mph) September 9, 2017. Fined $155.50. Case disposed October 4, 2017.
Christopher N. King – Of Tarkio, Failed To Equip Motor Vehicle/Motor Drawn Vehicle With 2 Approved Red Tail Lamps On Proper Level (Knowingly) September 6, 2017. Fined $20.50. Case disposed on September 29, 2017.
Keith Edward Melton – Of Rock Port, Driver/Front Seat Passenger Failed To Wear Properly Adjusted/Fastened Safety Belt on September 1, 2017. Fined $10. Case disposed on October 1, 2017.