Pictured left to right – 2017 New Business Award recipients in attendance at the ACDC Annual Meeting were, Mike & Dana Tracy, MDT Woodworks; Courtney Meyerkorth, Odds and Ins Studio; Tanner & Sonya Holmes, Holmes Electrical Service; Amber Graham, Ella & Grey; and Alma Clodfelter, Alma’s Herbs.

Executive Director Monica Bailey closed the meeting with a reminder to focus on the good things happening throughout Atchison County: #ACisAwesome.

Guest speaker Corey Martin, representing the Rock Creek Wind Project, told the story of how he arrived at this point in his career.  Martin then provided an update on the Rock Creek project.

Executive Director Monica Bailey (right) recognized outgoing President W.C. Farmer (left) for his 14 years of servant leadership and presented him with a token of appreciation.

MDT Woodworks’ owners Mike and Dana Tracy told their story about building a business that they could run in a small community like Fairfax, Mo.

President W.C. Farmer welcomed more than 50 guests to the Tarkio Community Building for the ACDC Annual Meeting on October 11, 2017. He went on to recognize elected officials in attendance. Board Member Roger Martin led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and offered the invocation.  Guests enjoyed a great meal catered by Torrey Pines.
Lori Seymour, Secretary, mentioned ACDC’s tradition of recognizing the good in Atchison County, including the recognition of new businesses. While some wait passively for the next big thing to sweep in and change our collective future, there are others quietly hanging out their shingle, creating new products, and providing services to our county and beyond. The following new businesses were thanked for choosing to have a business in the county and were presented 2017 New Business Awards:
· All Breed Dog Grooming Salon, owned by Teresa Mutum, opened in 2016 and is located in Fairfax.
· Alma Clodfelter is an independent distributor of Nature’s Sunshine Products. In 2016, she opened her store, Alma’s Herbs, inside Clodfelter Insurance on  Main Street in Rock Port.
· Ella & Grey, owned by Amber Graham, is a clothing boutique located on Main Street in Rock Port.
· Hidden Beauty, owned by Brooke Vette, is a salon located at the corner of Hwy. 59 & 136 in Tarkio.
· Holmes Electrical Service, owned by Tanner and Sonya Holmes, is located in Rock Port and offers residential, commercial and agricultural electrical service.
· MDT Woodworks, owned by Mike and Dana Tracy, is located on Main Street in Fairfax and offers hand crafted home decor and furniture and DIY workshops.
·   Odds and Ins Studio, owned by Courtney Meyerkorth, offers drawings, paintings and prints and is based in Rock Port.
· Rock Creek Supply, an Encirca Certified Services Agent and an Ag Chemical Dealer, opened by Jared Meyerkorth, is located on Main Street in Rock Port.
· Rock Port Cabins, located just west of Hwy. 136 & Hwy. 111 jct., owned by Frieja and Keith Gross and daughter Heaven Wacha provides furnished, modern cabin lodging and more.
· Spray It LLC, owned by Delmar Schebaum and based in Westboro, offers spray foam insulation and other home improvement services.
· Ted’s Handyman Service, owned by Ted True, is based in Rock Port and does home repair projects and honey-do’s.
· The Body Shawp, owned by Heith Shaw, is an automotive restoration service located on Hwy. 59 south of Tarkio.
· Wheeler Property Maintenance, owned by Adam Wheeler, is based in Tarkio and offers all manner of property maintenance including landscaping, junk haul-off and remodeling.
Lydia Hurst discussed the importance of quality of life issues, including health care, education, and recreation, in Atchison County.  Community Hospital-Fairfax continues to make impressive strides to improve healthcare in our county and region.  In 2017, CH-F consolidated administration of Tarkio and Rock Port Clinics into CH-F, streamlining patient services; expanded mental health services, psychiatry outpatient clinic and Senior Life Solutions to a new building on campus; and are adding services at the Fairfax Clinic building, including optometry. ACDC was pleased to present Community Hospital-Fairfax with a 2017 Quality of Life award in recognition of these efforts.
Hurst introduced speaker Corey Martin, representing the Rock Creek Wind Project.  Martin told the story of how he arrived at this point in his career, citing work ethic instilled in him by his parents and his willingness to learn as much as possible along the way, including every job around him.  He then provided an update on the Rock Creek project.  Bob Alldredge introduced Mike and Dana (Kemerling) Tracy of MDT Woodworks, who presented their story of starting a business in Liberty and growing it into something that could be done anywhere.  They spoke of the overwhelming support they have received as they have established their business in Fairfax.  Both of these excellent stories were noteworthy in light of ACDC’s efforts to create professional development opportunities for our youth and to instill in them the knowledge that their home is a place where they can live, work and be encouraged like nowhere else.
Farmer presented this year’s economic development award, a recognition given each year to a business or organization that has had a significant economic impact on our county.  The Rock Creek Wind Project involves more than 130 landowners across 40,000 acres in eastern Atchison County.  When completed, this project will yield over a dozen new permanent local jobs, and on an average year, over $2 million will be directed to taxing entities, including County Road & Bridge, Tarkio and Fairfax school districts, the library and emergency services. During this construction phase, hundreds of individuals will have worked on the project, utilizing local motels, rental houses, grocery stores and other local businesses.  Additionally, RCWP has contributed concrete to community projects, including the Nutrition Center sidewalk, a portion of North 6th Street, and an alley approach in Tarkio.  ACDC was honored to recognize Enel and Rock Creek Wind Farm as the 2017 Economic Development Award recipient, for the significant economic impact of their project on Atchison County.
Farmer then presented the newly elected officers, including Lori Seymour as President, Craig Corken as Vice President, Eryn Stepp as Secretary, and Bob Alldredge as Treasurer.
Alldredge presented financials and reminded attendees that information about these public funds are available at the ACDC office anytime.
Executive Director Monica Bailey thanked Administrative Assistant Carol Clark for her efforts and the board of directors for their support of the organization, recognizing outgoing President Farmer for his years of servant leadership and dedication in that role.  Bailey spoke about the many good things happening around the county, including:
· New sidewalks at the Nutrition Center in Tarkio (thanks largely to RCWP donating concrete, the City of Tarkio and volunteers donating labor, and ACDC contributing as well)
· 7th Heaven convenience store in Fairfax opening soon
· Kalvin McIntosh mentoring countless youth over decades at Hy-Vee and instilling in them what it takes to run a good business and be a valuable community member; he has retired but what he modeled to others will be seen through those he mentored, so he will continue to be a gift to our community
· Fresh paint job at Torrey Pines looks fantastic
· Betty Stoner’s retiring, while sad for us, is an example of what a person can create: a viable, important business; proof that hard work translates to success
· New streets in the City of Rock Port; everywhere you look there’s another block done
· New office, warehouse, etc., for Ag Partners in Tarkio (having sold their current location), positioning them for future growth.
· Dusty Trail, located at the site of the former Black Iron Grill, opening soon; an amazing addition to our county that will give people a new reason to stop on the way through.
· Completely rehabbed building(s) on Main Street in Fairfax by MDT Woodworks
Bailey highlighted several ACDC projects and initiatives.
· Youth events
– Scholarship: $1,000 given to two graduating seniors from each school, one for a traditional 4-year degree and one for tech/trade certification
– Youth Professionalism Workshop: held the Monday of Thanksgiving week and includes interview skills, workplace ethics, social media and testimonials from leaders and employers in Atchison County
– Job Shadowing Day: 38 juniors, 41 seniors, and over 30 businesses participating, covering more than 60 occupations
– Careers on Wheels: new event for freshmen, highlighting careers performed outside of a traditional office, scheduled for Friday, October 13
· Business assistance
– Business Improvement Grant: 9 $1,000 basic grants awarded  in 2017.  When this year’s projects are complete, nearly $108,000 in county tax dollars will have been invested in 118 different business improvement projects, resulting in over $220,000 in purchases from Atchison County vendors, since the beginning of the program
– #ShopAC Night: scheduled again for the Thursday before Thanksgiving (November 16, 2017)
– New businesses were encouraged to contact ACDC for support rather than trying to do it alone
· Support of local nonprofits: 7 organizations were recipients of Community Enrichment Funds in the past year
· Promotion of Atchison County: Great Northwest Day at the Capitol (“Measuring the Ways #ACisAwesome) and the ACDC website (www.atchisoncounty.org) were highlighted
Bailey dismissed the group, encouraging them to focus on the good things happening throughout Atchison County: #ACisAwesome!