The Northwest Missouri Solid Waste Management District has announced that there is a new opportunity to dispose of waste tires for recycling in Maryville. Maryville Carbon Solutions (MCS), a Maryville-based facility owned by Bolder Industries and producer of Bolder Black™ – a sustainable alternative to traditional carbon black – was granted a Scrap Tire Processing Facility Operating Permit by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources in early August and is now one of 21 processors in the state.
This means that any individual or business can contact the company to bring in waste tires to be recycled for a nominal fee. MCS accepts single tires to truckloads; car tires to tractor tires. MCS is one of only a few processors in Missouri that converts scrap tires to valuable products and is the only processor that will operate an environmentally friendly, net energy positive facility. The company plans to process 1-2 million tires annually to produce Bolder Black, oil, steel and various types of crumb rubber.
MCS will charge an individual rate for tires and a bulk rate for loads of more than 15 tires. They will accept tires from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays, by appointment only. For questions or inquiries about MCS tire acceptance, please contact Debbie Driskell at Maryville Carbon Solutions, 660-­562-­2030 extension 404 or
The Solid Waste Management District supports this new business endeavor in the region and is helping to get the word out that there is a new place to recycle waste tires. Please note that illegal tire dumping is strictly prohibited in Missouri. Guidance for managing scrap tires may be found at