Chad R. Heser, Beaver Crossing, Neb., exceeded the posted speed limit (90/70), fined $177.50.
Debra L. Hurst, Rock Port, Mo., nuisance violation (unlicensed camper), fined $127.50.
Gage T. Krieger, Kansas City, Mo., failed to stop at a posted stop sign, fined $127.50.
Jose A. T. Mendoza, Crete, Neb., driving without a valid license, fined $127.50.
Dustin L. Shepherd, Maryville, Mo., exceeded the posted speed limit (53/35), fined $157.50.
Randy J. Smith, Mound City, Mo., minor in possession by consumption, $277.50 and supplying liquor to minors, fined $350.
Kelly M. Chard, Rock Port, Mo., careless & imprudent driving, fined $127.50.
Marcus L. Hall, Fairfax, Mo., failed to register motor vehicle, fined $102.50.
Shelbi S. Kennedy, Council Bluffs, Iowa, failed to provide proof of insurance, fined $225 and not having required equipment on motor vehicles (license plate light), fined $75.
Desiree O’Brien, Omaha, Neb., exceeded posted speed limit (80/70), fined $80.