The completion of the “Welcome to Fairfax” signs was made possible by volunteers (pictured above, left to right) Dr. Jeremy Burright, Michael Oswald, Josh Oswald, John Brown, Steve Stevens, Bob Alldredge, Jack Vernon and Kent Fisher.  Not pictured is Ed Taylor. This community project was sponsored by the Fairfax Kiwanis Club.

Shown in the early stages of the project are John Brown, Steve Stevens, Danny Kemerling, Bob Alldredge and Josh Oswald.  Not pictured is Mark Sly with his tractor and posthole digger.

The Kiwanis Club of Fairfax spearheaded a project to erect signs at the north and east entries into Fairfax with much local support. The signs were put into place with Kiwanis members and several community members assisting with the digging, pouring of concrete, measuring and assembling the poles and signs and finalizing the completed project.