Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. was formerly the Tarkio Pelleting Corp., which opened in 1960. The picture above printed in a FEEDSTUFFS brochure.

Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. is moving to a new location at 1st and Main streets in Tarkio.  The work is being done by Jade Corporation of Hiawatha, Kansas, and is ongoing, so the business is still currently located on the south side of town.

After almost 60 years of doing business on the south side of town, Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc. is moving to a new location. The east side of Main Street in Tarkio is getting a face lift as new offices, a warehouse, 80 foot scale, and truck and pickup docks are being built to house the business, which has been around since 1960.
The following was printed from FEEDSTUFFS December 3, 1960:
Tarkio Pelleting Corp. was “one of the first feed plants designed and built to manufacture a complete pelleted feed, including roughage. The starting up of the Tarkio Pelleting Corp. mill in August of 1960 represented the culmination of several years of planning by a group of cattle feeders interested in a plant to make a complete pelleted feed. After a lengthy negotation period, the go-ahead was finally given when 34 stockholders, all local landowners, raised enough money to build the type of mill which they believed the area needed. The $300,000 plant, which has a capacity of about 150 tons of mash feed and 50-80 tons of pelleted feed in an 8-hour day, manufactures a full line of feed, although the emphasis is on roughage-containing complete pelleted feed for ruminants. The 34 owners of the mill will use a sizeable portion of the anticipated production of the plant. Located on a 13-acre site at the southeast corner of the Tarkio city limits, the mill is selling direct to consumers within a 50-mile radius.”
Ag Partners has continued to be an important piece of the area agricultural scene since then, selling feed, mineral, salt for livestock and for sidewalks, and storing grain. Currently, the new office and warehouse is being erected at 1st and Main streets by Jade Corporation of Hiawatha, Kansas. Once the building is put up, local contractors will finish the inside. Proctor & Sons will be doing the inside framework. Meek & Sons will be doing the plumbing. Ottmann Electric will be doing the wiring and Danny McCoy and Kenny McAdams will be doing the finishing work. In the future, Ag Partners is looking to install a pit, leg, and grain bins at the new location.
The work to build what is needed to move is ongoing, so in the meantime, Ag Partners is still located at the south part of town in its former location. That property has been sold to Danny Graves.