Mary Kahn, Vice-Commander, was the guest speaker at the 2017 Veterans Day dinner on Saturday, November 11.

Commander Bud Harger, right, is pictured as he presented Steve Grossman with his American Legion certificate, recognizing his 50 years of membership.

Adjutant, Kelly Daugherty, right, salutes Richard Lutz, left, for his 50 years as an American Legion member.

Adjutant, Kelly Daugherty, left, congratulates Bill Amthor, right, on his 60 years as an American Legion member.

The Ralph Greer American Legion Post #49 held its annual dinner at the Atchison County Memorial Building on Friday, November 11. The evening was started by Commander Bud Harger with a welcome and opening remarks. Pastor Donna Fuller gave the blessing and the meal was served to legion members and their families. Following the dinner Commander Bud Harger read  off  the names of American Legion members with 50 or more years of membership.  These gentlemen were each presented with certificates recognizing their milestone of service to the Ralph Greer American Legion Podt #49.  The guest speaker for the evening was Mary Kahn.  Mary is currently one of the Vice-Commanders of the Ralph Greer American Legion Post #49.  Mary brought to the front of everyone’s mind the “Blank Check” that every service member writes when they join.  Joining is also knowing that your “Blank Check” could be cashed with the cost of your life.
Following is a list of American Legion and Legion Auxiliary members and the number of years they have been members.  American Legion: Harry Lee Cooper – 72, Ralph Gayler – 72, John H. Cox – 70, Loren Ebert – 64, Luther H. Hudson, Jr. – 62, Billy L. Amthor – 60, Danny M. Cooper – 57, Luther H. Thompson – 55, Kelly Daugherty – 50, Steven R. Grossman – 50, Jim Lewis – 50, and Richard L. Lutz – 50. American Legion Auxiliary: Helen Fentiman – 73, Uldeen Cooper – 71, Jane Christen – 70, Donna Shineflew – 69, Florence Demott – 66, Marvetta Volker – 60, Kathy Davis – 59, Gloria Graves – 58, Sheila Erdley – 56, Jessie Knierim – 56, Zella Davis – 53 and Lyndia Schomburg – 53.