Submitted by Charlie Clodfelter, Director

Lettuce Dream, a social enterprise operating a hydroponic greenhouse, in Maryville, Missouri, is growing an innovative new lettuce called Salanova available to the area.
According to Lettuce Dream’s Director, Charlie Clodfelter, this new variety of lettuce has a unique structure. “It’s a head lettuce that has a core with a multitude of uniformly shaped leaves attached. With just one simple cut, Salanova transforms from a head into a loose-leaf lettuce that is ready for a bowl,” explained Charlie. “Our customers love the flavor and the quality. It keeps twice as long as the competition’s lettuce due to it still being attached to its roots,” says Clodfelter.
Salanova lettuce was developed by Rijkk Zwaan of the Netherlands and is gaining popularity here in the U.S. Salanova lettuce comes in several varieties such as Red Oakleaf, Green Oakleaf, Butterhead, and Incised Frisee. This diversity gives the lettuce a both unique texture and eye appeal. Clodfelter said Green Oak leaf seems to be their most popular variety of the Salanova lettuce. All the Salanova lettuces have that unique characteristic of the plant being made up of uniform leaves joined together by a central core. He believes Lettuce Dream is the only greenhouse supplying this type of lettuce hydroponically in the Midwest.
The lettuce is clearly a winner from customers who have purchased the lettuce that is available locally at the Hy-Vee stores in St. Joseph and Maryville. “Once people try Salanova lettuce, it soon becomes a household favorite. The fresh taste, extended shelf life and ease of preparation make it tough to buy any other lettuce,” says Clodfelter.
Lettuce Dream, a hydroponic greenhouse, is a 501(c)3 social enterprise engaged in hydroponic farming, exists to provide meaningful employment training programs for persons with cognitive and developmental disabilities, so that they may enjoy the benefits of living, working and fully participating in our community. For more information, please contact Lettuce Dream at 660-2224-2203 or visit their website at