Rock Port NHS members, pictured from left to right, Gyliane Green, Zach Clauson, Riley Vogler, Josie Watkins, Gretchen Tharp, Katie Lininger, Jase Hughes, Ashley Cue, Mercer Deatz, Kaycee Davis, Brock Martin, Ayden Wilroy and Ryan Dewhirst.  Members not pictured are: Dalton Brake, Ally Demott, Catyn Chamberlain, and Mystie Robinson because they were attending a Student Council meeting. They soon arrived to lend a hand to the NHS shoe project.  (NHS Photo)

Thanks to your generosity and willingness to bring your usable footwear to our school, Pastor Hopper picked up 1,214 pairs of shoes on November 8.  NHS members enthusiastically brought the many boxes of different sizes to his trailer, and he delivered them to the nearest collection site.
Again, NHS thanks you for helping us to help others.       (Your pop can tabs are still collected until May dismissal.)