Once again, the Tarkio High School Musical Theatre Department put on one amazing performance on the stage at Tarkio High School Auditorium. The students have such talent at embodying their characters perfectly and creating uproarious laughter throughout the crowd as well as bring tears to everyone’s eyes during the more somber scenes. Many of the students played multiple parts, and not only sang, but danced as well, and did fantastic! Pictured are: top left – front row – Taylor Stanton, Autumn Murry, Harley Caudill, Jae Barnett, Raelynn Gish, Selena Somerville, Dixie Hendrix, Anna Klute, and Audrey Weidenaar; middle row – Megan Lee, Hunter Bennett, Colin Joesting, Grace Martin, Troy Wennihan, and Jimi Elder; and back row – Bryli Staten, Emily Vance, Alli Yates, Skye Clark, Ricky Weidenaar, Jordan Heard, Madison Ohrt, Hannah Blank, Anna Lester, Destiny Sanders, Kaely Kirwan, and Chloe Bruns; top right – Jae Barnett, Madison Ohrt, Autumn Murry, Grace Martin, Chloe Bruns, Kaely Kirwan, and Alli Yates; middle left – Colin Joesting and Grace Martin; middle second from left – Ricky Weidenaar and Megan Lee; middle second from right – Colin Joesting and Skye Clark; middle right – Colin Joesting and Jordan Heard; bottom left – Hannah Blank and Troy Wennihan; bottom second from left – Jimi Elder; bottom second from right – Hannah Blank, Madison Ohrt, Anna Lester, and Destiny Sanders; and bottom right – Chloe Bruns and Bryli Staten.