The Fairfax second grade was given the writing prompt, “How to Cook a Turkey.” The students first started with a brainstorming page, “Where would you get a turkey? If you cook it in the oven, how long do you cook it?” After they got their ideas together, they then created an informational writing, “I am going to teach you how to cook a turkey…” The students had all sorts of answers, cooking the turkey for 10 minutes, cooking the turkey for 1,800 hours!! Some put seasonings, some put oil, but the last step was always the same, EAT IT! Pictured are the “turkey bakers,” from left to right: front row – Ace Allen, Brady Umbarger, Tyler Duering, Avery Alvarez, and Ian Brown; and back row – Lataveon Brown, Carley Graham, Emma Vance, Knox Oswald, and Ryder Wolfe. Not pictured is Leila Knight.  (Fairfax R-3 Twitter Photo)