December 31, 1992
• The Tarkio High School Boys’ Basketball Team is ranked 5th in the state of Missouri in Class 1-A rankings.
• For the first time in years, the U.S. Postal Service will place a stamp on nationwide sale on its first day of issue. The Elvis Presley stamp will go on sale at noon local time on January 8, 1993, instead of January 9.
December 28, 1967
•  Tarkio College Owls extended their winning streak and made it seven straight victories last weekend as they won the Tarkio Invitational Tournament.
• High temperature for the week was 58 degrees recorded on December 20. Low temperature was eight degrees on the 26th.
• Nearly 10,000 postage vending machines, including those at Tarkio Post Office, will be converted over the next three months to reflect the new postage rates. The new rates raise first class postage to six cents an ounce, air mail to 10 cents an ounce, and postal cards to five cents.
January 1, 1943
• Ensign M. W. Chilcote, former news editor of the Avalanche, and who has been seeing much action in the Aleutians flying one of Uncle Sam’s bombers, spent a short leave with his parents and brothers in St. Joseph. Some weeks ago, his plane was attacked by three Zeros and he had the pleasure of seeing his gunner send one of them down in flames. His plane was pretty badly shot up, but he succeeded in getting the craft back to his home base without serious mishap.
• Mrs. Frank Withrow was hostess Tuesday afternoon to the New Book club. Mrs. Dale Dragoo entertained the members of her bridge club at her home Thursday afternoon.