The Rock Port Board of Aldermen met at Rock Port City Hall on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 6 p.m. with Mayor Chris Chamberlain presiding. Board members present were Todd Stevens, Tim Taylor, Ron Deatz and Lavon Paukert.   Also present were Utility Clerk Terri McGuire, City Superintendent Trevor Hale and City Clerk Ashtin Paris.  Visitor was Ken Fairchild.
Mayor Chamberlain called the meeting to order.
Deatz moved to approve the meeting agenda.  Paukert seconded.  All votes aye.
Ken Fairchild, Olsson Associates, presented the electrical rate study.  Olsson Associates recommended implementing a two-step rate increase, with a 6% electric rate increase in 2018 and 5.5% electric rate increase in 2019.  The rate increase will cover the cost of electrical system upgrade debt service, tree trimming, distribution wages, capital improvements/projects and cash for the reserve fund.  The electrical distribution improvement project was long overdue and was necessary for system reliability for the community and for the safety of operating personnel.
Taylor moved to accept the rate study and proceed with the electric rate proposal.  Deatz seconded. All votes aye.
Taylor moved to adjourn.  Deatz seconded.  All votes aye.