Jasper Harbin

Jasper, the son of Jake Harbin and Kristin Harbin, is a 4 year old attending Kids’ Korner. Jasper enjoys spending time with his friends while playing at centers and at recess. One of his favorite things to play outside is Rodeo. Naturally, his favorite kinds of books are rodeo books. Some of his other favorites are the color red, bacon and Transformer songs. When Jasper isn’t at school he enjoys going to Kansas City to Justice’s house.


Linley Hogue

Linley, the daughter of Clint and Lanette Hogue, is a 3 year old attending Kids’ Korner for the first time this year. Linley enjoys playing at center time and recess with her friends. She has quickly made new friends as well as “old friends” from daycare. Some of Linley’s favorites include: grapes, the color blue, PJ Mask anything (but she really enjoys the books), and listening to The Limbo at school. When Linley is not at school she enjoys taking trips to Wal-Mart to go shopping!