February 4, 1993
• Diane and Craig Livengood of Tarkio are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Kyle Dale Livengood. He was born Wednesday, January 13, weighing in at 10 pounds and nine ounces. He is welcomed home by his big sister, Cara Diane Livengood, age three and one-half years.
• Kansas City, MO, Police Officer Jeff Barnett received the “Certificate of Commendation” Award for outstanding work done in the apprehension of a violent offender. The award was presented by the department of which he serves. Jeff is a former resident of Tarkio and a graduate of Tarkio High School.
February 1, 1968
• Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wensel will open a bakery in their building on Main Street, formerly occupied by the People’s Gas Co. Mrs. Wensel has had experience in producing bakery goods for several organizations.
• Mrs. Loretta Turnbull reports that the Children’s Story Hour, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, had 38 children attending the initial program held at the Tarkio Branch Library last Wednesday morning, January 24. Mrs. Barb Low was the storyteller last week. This will be a weekly feature at 10:00 a.m. during the winter months.
February 5, 1943
• A recent communication received by the college is of unusual interest. The letter was postmarked from the state of South Dakota and enclosed in the envelope was a bank draft for $75 with a note saying, “Please accept this little gift for Tarkio College with all the best wishes possible for the continued success of the best college in the country. Signed, An Alumnus.”
• W.E. Foster, instructor of vocational agriculture at Tarkio High School, was the guest speaker at this week’s Rotary luncheon. Mr. Foster told how the vocational agriculture boys cleared over $8,000 on last year’s projects and that the boys this year are in hopes of bringing this up to $12,000 this year.