FFA Trap Team

Rock Port FFA Trap Team members competing on Saturday were, left to right, Cayden Criger, Kalyn Mertens, Remington Stoner, Corbin Hale, and Austin Stoner.

Submitted by Wally Riebesell


The Rock Port FFA competed in a trap shoot, held at KCTA  in Smithville, Mo., on Saturday, January 20, 2018.  Remington Stoner led the team with a 48 out of 50 clay targets. This competition is held monthly for the FFA teams in this area. The Rock Port FFA Trap Team includes Remington Stoner, Austin Stoner, Austin Wallace, Corbin Hale, Cayden Criger, Kayln Mertens, and Jack Raison.  Wally Riebesell is the team coach.