On January 31, 2018, Kids’ Korner students celebrated the 100th day of school! To celebrate, the kids did several activities, including arm circles, running in place, squares and sitting in the dark, all for 100 seconds each. They also got to make a trail mix with the 100 treats they each brought to school. Another fun activity the students participated in was think of what they’d like 100 of and what they would not want 100 of.
Their responses included (from left to right): front row – Jenna Gebhards – princesses/tigers, Lyla Walker – dolls/eyeballs, Linley Hogue – cookies/toys, and Eli Lundy – race cars/books; and back row – Treyven Schoonover – car tracks/zombies, Bryar Wennihan – tree houses/markers, Jasper Navin – dinosaur bones to find/toys, Vera Hale – toys/mothers, Raiden Baruth – trips to Colorado/broccoli, and Kenisyn Yost – baby dolls/gorillas. Other students’ responses included: Mame Dow – toy kitchens/Barbie houses, Charlee Duran – cups/toys, Andrew Gladman – tablets/watches, Jasper Harbin – phones/books, Landry Hurst – new cars/girl stuff, Grayclyn Klosek – markers/kitties, Cayson Martin – hot wheels/CD’s, Jorja Peregrine – toy beds/cookies, Katie Smith – shopkins/dresses, and Mikayla Smith – puppies/stickers.
(Photo By Melissa White)