On January 30, 2018 ,the Rock Port High School Wrestling team headed into Iowa to compete in the East Mills Quad.  The went up against East Mills, Southwest Iowa and Shenandoah.  Following are the Rock Port results for individual wrestlers that wrestled at this quad:
Shenandoah (SHEN) 42.00 Rock Port (RP) 18.00
126: Gabriel Abbott (RP) over Landon Newquist (SHEN) (Fall 2:15); 152: Zach Harms (SHEN) over Austin Stoner (RP) (Fall 0:14)
Southwest Iowa (SWI) 30.00 Rock Port (RP) 24.00
126: Colton Hauschild (SWI) over Gabriel Abbott (RP) (Fall 2:39);  160: Seth Malcom (SWI) over Austin Stoner (RP) (Fall 0:39) 220: Austin Wallace (RP) over Zach Sheldon (SWI) (Fall 0:54).
East Mills (EAMI) 42.00 Rock Port (RP) 24.00
132: Jackson Wray (EAMI) over Gabriel Abbott (RP) (Fall 2:59) 152: Austin Stoner (RP) over Levi Anderson (EAMI) (Fall 2:43);  220: Jack Anderson (EAMI) over Austin Wallace (RP) (Fall 4:47).