Kenisyn Yost

Kenisyn Yost, the daughter of Michan Noland, is a 5 year old attending Kids’ Korner for a second year. Some of her favorites include the color purple, apples, Mama Lama books and Selena Gomez songs. She enjoys preschool because it is fun. If she isn’t at preschool she enjoys going to a hotel to stay the night or over to see family.


Jasper Navin

Jasper Navin, the son of James Navin and Brianna Nelson, is a 5 year old attending Kids’ Korner. Some of Jasper’s favorites are the color orange, a sandwich with ketchup and mustard, dinosaur books and the song from The Power Rangers “Go Go Power Rangers”. While at school Jasper enjoys many of the centers and playing with his friends. When he is not at school he likes getting to go to Fun Plex with his dad in the summer.