The Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) board meeting was held February 21, 2018. Present were: Craig Corken, Roger Martin, W.C. Farmer, Bob Alldredge, Eryn Stepp, and Lydia Hurst (via phone).
Also present were Monica Bailey and Carol Clark.
Corken called the meeting to order.
Minutes: Farmer moved to approve minutes as presented. Martin seconded and all approved.
Financials: Alldredge moved to approve financials as presented. Farmer seconded and all approved.
Director’s Report
• ACDC will have a table at Celebrity Waiter Dinner. The board was invited to join them.
• Great Northwest Day at the Capitol was successful. The ACDC booth highlighted national recognition, 14 new businesses in 2017, and wind industry, which received the most inquiries.
• Junior Job Shadowing Day will be held on March 28, and seniors will job shadow sometime in April.
• ACDC has received three Business Improvement Grant applications so far.
• Youth Beautification (#MakeACBeautiful) Grant information will be available April 1. Groups of at least three youth ages 10 – 17 (5th – 11th grade) will be eligible. Applications will be due this fall.
New Business
• The Fairfax Improvement Foundation requested funding support from ACDC to assist with an upcoming project. Martin moved, Hurst (who joined the meeting via phone) seconded and all approved that ACDC provide $5,000 toward the project from Community Enrichment Program funds.
Farmer moved, Martin seconded to adjourn meeting. All approved.