February 26, 1943
For the first time in a long, long time, The Mail last week ran out of all copies of that issue and has had to turn down requests from some persons who failed to receive a copy.  We have a regular weekly counter sale of probably 35 copies and make allowance for them in printing each edition. Last week, however, partly because the ration registration blank appeared in these pages, there was an extra demand for copies. It can be said that The Mail at this time is printing about 300 copies more each week than was the case a year ago, which gives some indication of the large increase in our circulation.
February 22, 1968
First plane to land on the Rock Port Municipal airport runway west of Rock Port heralds the completion of the 3,000 foot runway in the near future. Clint Levings reported that his dirt moving crews have only about three or four more days of work if they can get the right kind of weather to work the soil in. After his work is completed, the city will have to contract for seeding the area and the airport should be ready for use by late spring. The $50,000 project has been in the process of development for about two years.
February 25, 1993
The Rock Port Junior Varsity and Varsity boys hosted a basketball game with the Humboldt Cardinals Thursday, February 18. The Varsity won 90 – 52 and the Junior Varsity also won 32-23. In the Junior Varsity action, the Blue Jays had Barry Fentiman for 4 steals, Waylon Ross for 11 points, Zack Smith for 10 points and Clint Gayler for 8 rebounds. Michael Phelps had 7 rebounds and Dan Croy contributed 6 rebounds. The Varsity game wasn’t ever even close. Cory Scamman had 22 points with the help of 6 three pointers. Phillip Eilers had 21 points, Curt Christians had 10 rebounds, Robby Patterson had 8 rebounds and Mark Bennington had 7 assists.