By Georgia Gilley
The TEC Club met February 28, 2018, at Aunt Martha’s B&B. Everyone was so happy to be out since being surrounding by ice too many days. All members were present.
And things were back to normal with our champions back on track. Mary Anne Pennel and Norma Bradfield tied for high score. Pam Cooper had low score. Martha Shaffer was hostess and served a big chocolate cheesecake encouraging everyone to help themselves to whatever size piece they wanted. Oh, my! Remarks were made about how nice it was to have everyone present when two members joyously  announced they wouldn’t be present next time: vacationing in the warmer climates, they said. We all chimed in offering to accompany them  but no offers were made. Reality set in and we went to discussing wash machines and how we weren’t pleased with some of the new features. Otherwise long bus rides for ball tournaments was discussed along with local news of the day.