youth wrestling advanced group

Pictured above is Rock Port’s youth wrestling advanced group. From left to right, front row: Coach Jason Brown, Jayden Barbee, Treyton Brown, Isaiah Barbee, Jadyn Geib, Brock Sebek-Holmes, Corbin Wallace, Dylan Lair and Coach Trystan Lair. Back row: Trenton Wallace, Aricin Weber, Linkin Murry, Connor Brown, Ryan Paris, Ryder Herron, Gabe Gebhards, Gus Heintz and Coach Chris Gebhards. Not pictured: Cade Makings.


youth wrestling beginners group

Pictured above is Rock Port’s youth wrestling beginners group. Left to right, front row: Harper Roup, Jadyn Jakub, Briar Daugherty, JJ Hirner, Zeke Gebhards, Frank Kroeger and Alex Wintz. Back row: Lincoln Jackson, John Gillem, Jack Lotter, Evan Rogers, Eli Cox and Owen Vette.  Not pictured: Isaac Shimmel.


The Rock Port Youth Wrestling Tournament was held on Saturday, March 3, 2018. There were 90 kids who attended. The following are the results of the local youth wrestlers. Following are the Rock Port wrestlers results:


Advanced group results:
Treyton Brown -1st
Eli Cox -1st
Jaden Barbee -1st
Gus Heintz – 1st
Brock Holmes -1st
Dylan Lair – 2nd
Cade Makings – 2nd
Ryder Herron – 2nd
Ryan Paris – 2nd
Linkin Murry – 2nd
Elijah Barbee – 3rd
Trenton Wallace – 3rd
Corbin Wallace – 4th
Jadyn Geib – 4th
Gabe Gebhards – 4th


Beginner group results:
JJ Hirner – 1st
Harper Roup – 1st
Jadyn Jakub – 1st
Frank Kroeger – 2nd
Zeke Gebhards – 2nd
Isaac Shimmel – 2nd
Jack Lotter – 2nd
Alex Wintz – 2nd
Lincoln Jackson – 3rd
Briar Daugherty – 3rd
John Gillem – 3rd
Evan Rogers – 3rd
Owen Vette – 4th