The Rock Port High School Scholar Bowl Team includes, front row, left to right – Kaycee Davis, Darius Skillen, Katie Lininger, Riley Vogler, Josie Watkins and Ally Demott; and back row, Scarlett Kish, Mercer Deatz, Fischer Tharp, Ethan Lucas, Payton Schomburg, Cody Davis, Ben Lucas, Ayden Wilroy, Zach Clauson, and Sponsor Trudy Heitman.

Rock Port High School Scholar Bowl varsity team members held a competition March 6, 2018. Pictured are team members, from left to right, Ethan Lucas, Ayden Wilroy, Mercer Deatz, and Ally DeMott.


Tarkio High School Scholar Bowl varsity team members wait for their next round of competition at the Rock Port match March 6, 2018. Pictured are, from left to right, Anna Klute, Melissa Lang, Cat Prater, and Devin Guajardo.


The Tarkio High School Scholar Bowl Team includes, from left to right: front row – Ella Rolf, Bryli Staten, Jae Barnett, and Devin Guajardo; and back row – Melissa Lang, Anna Klute, Cat Prater, and Ashlynn Meyer.


The Blue Jays hosted Dekalb, Tarkio, and Nodaway-Holt on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, in Varsity Scholar Bowl action.  The Blue Jays squeaked past Dekalb in overtime 143-141 in the first round.  In the final two matches, the Blue Jays beat Tarkio 200-110 and Nodaway-Holt 150-100.  Total points scored were captain Mercer Deatz – 150, Ethan Lucas – 150, Ally Demott – 50, and Ayden Wilroy – 10.  The three Rock Port Junior Varsity teams also competed against each other. Total points for JV were Josie Watkins – 120, Riley Vogler – 100, Ben Lucas – 50, Fischer Tharp – 40, Payton Schomburg – 30, Katie Lininger – 20, Darius Skillen – 20, Zach Clauson – 20, and Scarlett Kish – 20.

On the Tarkio side of competition, the first match saw Tarkio compete against Nodaway Holt with regulation play ending in a tie. Tarkio ended up winning 113 to 110. In the second match, Tarkio vs. Rock Port, Tarkio lost to 110 to 200. In Tarkio’s final match, Tarkio vs. DeKalb, Tarkio lost 120 to 70.