March 18, 1993
On February 22, Nancy Harrington started to student teach at Fairfax R-3. She spends her days with Merylan Lowry, the high school math teacher, and she helps with junior high track. Nancy is currently going to college at Peru State in Peru, Nebraska.
The Fairfax R-3 School system this year has several volunteers who work in the school. They do various duties. Volunteers include Patty Kemerling, Rev. Sharon Lodygowski, Stephanie Smith, Betty Sly, Vickie Simmons, and Nancy Drake.
March 14, 1968
A chicken refused to leave the rods of a caboose car in Fairfax Monday after having bummed a ride from possibly as far as Denver on the CB&Q. The crew noticed “Old Biddy” when the train pulled in at Pacific Junction just south of Council Bluffs Monday morning and tried to lure her off with chicken feed. Without luck with this approach, they laid some corn on the undercarriage next to her which she promptly devoured, but refused to leave her perch. The train sat in Fairfax for close to an hour while switching was in progress and when it pulled out the bum was still on the rods.
Pleasant March weather accounted for an unusually large attendance at Sunday afternoon’s open house at Fair Haven apartments, Fairfax’s new 12 unit housing complex for senior citizens. The guest book listed more than 550 names.
March 19, 1943
Fairfax Boy Scouts have renewed their charter for the year 1943 and the enthusiasm with which they are beginning the year’s work points to a year of much activity for them. George Prettyman, III is the new Scoutmaster and George Booth is the junior assistant Scoutmaster.
In advanced typing, Phyllis Gubser holds high speed honors in this class, having typed 74 words per minute for 15 minutes, which is a very good score for an advanced student.