EA Girls Basketball

East Atchison Lady Wolves’ basketball team members recognized at the banquet included, from left to right: front row – Tawni Martin, Kinley Thornhill, Lily Graves, Jaycee Graves, Mercedes Parshall, Morgan Parshall, Chloe Bruns, Brynnan Poppa, and Hannah Brown; and back row – Shelbey Morris, Madison Ohrt, Ella Rolf, Kaely Kirwan, Jesse Graves, Kilea Cooper, Cheyenne Gray, Grace Martin, and Kaytlin Young.


EA Wrestling

East Atchison wrestling team members recognized at the banquet included, from left to right, Brianna Maxwell, Emily Vance, Keaton Williams, Wyatt Driskell, Grant Turnbull, Jordan Graf, Ashton Yeary, and Manager Hannah Blank.


EA Basketball Cheerleaders

East Atchison basketball cheerleaders who were recognized at the banquet included, from left to right, Emily Vance, Gena Mitchell, Taylor Stanton, Hannah Blank, and Skye Clark.


Boys Basketball

East Atchison Wolves’ basketball team members recognized at the banquet included, from left to right: first row – Trey Bowling, Shae DeRosier, Zach Garrison, Colin Joesting, Gage McAdams, Gus Hurst, and Tyler Brown; second row – Max Hopkins, Ian Hedlund, Garrett Meyer, Kaden Cooper, Jake McEnaney, Jordan Goodin, and Briacin Bywater; third row – Wyatt Burke, Austin Anderson, Thomas Danielson, Hunter Bennett, and Braylen Lambert; and fourth row – Devin Guajardo.


The East Atchison Winter Sports Banquet was held March 14, 2018, at 6 p.m. in the Fairfax High School Gym. Before the award presentations began, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal.
Wrestling Coach Kurt Sloop got the evening going with recognizing this year’s high school letter winners for wrestling. They included Wyatt Driskell, Emily Vance, Dillan Palmer, Keaton Williams, Ashton Yeary, Jordan Graf, Brianna Maxwell, Grant Turnbull, and Jayden Umbarger, as well as Manager Han­nah Blank. Wrestling cheerleaders included Dixie Hen­drix, Jor­dyn Hogue, Jayden Viets, Shaylee Sparks, and Selena Som­erville.


Girls’ Basketball Coach Dustin Barnes recognized this year’s team members. They included Tawni Martin, Madison Ohrt, Hannah Brown, Chloe Bruns, Lily Graves, Kaely Kirwan, Grace Martin, Shelbey Morris, Kinley Thornhill, Jae Barnett, Kilea Cooper, McKenzie Frohn, Jesse Graves, Jaycee Graves, Jaelynn Hill, Novalee Yeary, Harley Caudilll, Cheyenne Gray, Ashlynn Meyer, Mercedes Parshall, Morgan Parshall, Brynnan Poppa, Ella Rolf, Bryli Staten, Allison Yates, and Kaytlin Young. Varsity letter winners (girls who played in half of the varsity quarters this year) included Tawni Martin, Madison Ohrt, Kinley Thornhill, Chloe Bruns, Kaely Kirwan, Lily Graves, Grace Martin, Kilea Cooper, Jaycee Graves, Jesse Graves, Morgan Parshall and Mercedes Parshall. The team had an overall season win/loss record of 22-4. The Lady Wolves also finished 3rd in the 275 Conference.


Basketball Cheerleading Coach Erica Taylor recognized this season’s cheer­leaders. They included Em­­ily Vance, Skye Clark, Taylor Stanton, McKenzie Frohn, Hannah Blank, and Gena Mitchell. Individual cheer awards were also presented: Senior Award – Hannah Blank; Spirit Stick – Gena Mitchell; and MVP – Skye Clark. All cheerleaders also received a letter.


Boys’ Basketball Coach Kevin Dodson recognized this year’s basketball players. They included Shae DeRosier, Colin Joesting, Max Hopkins, Zach Sapp, Wyatt Burke, Gus Hurst, Jake McEnaney, Kaden Coo­per, Devin Guajardo, Ian Hedlund, Thomas Dan­ielson, Hunter Bennett, Ty­ler Jennings, Briacin By­water, Austin Anderson, Ty­ler Brown, Gage Mc­Adams, Zach Garrison, Garrett Meyer, Trey Bowling, Jordan Goodin, and Braylen Lambert. Players who were awarded letters included Colin Joesting, Shae DeRosier, Gage McAdams, Garrett Meyer, Max Hopkins, Tyler Brown, Zach Garrison, Jake McEnaney, Trey Bowling, Ka­den Cooper, and Ian Hedlund. Individual awards were also presented: Hustle Award – Zach Garrison; 6th Man – Kaden Cooper and Zach Garrison; Most Improved – Trey Bowling; Defense Award – Colin Joesting; Offense Award – Gage McAdams; Leadership Award – Jake McEnaney; and MVP – Gage McAdams. The Wolves finished the season with an overall win/loss record of 15-11 and also placed 3rd in the 275 Conference.