Trey Agnew and Jayden Viets



Leslie Bradley and Ben Bowling


Cole Miller and Shanna Gilpin


Nick Hardisty and Karrigan Bowling


Max Hopkins and Cat Prater


Jetta Green-Sillers and Dylan Jeffords


Melissa Lang and Jordan Sutter


Conner Marshall and Kilea Cooper


Kinley Thornhill and Ian Hedlund

Keevan Baker and McKenzie Hines


Dakota Allen and Katy Baker


Kwentin Roberts-Swinehart and Mickayla Bowling


Tacy Mitchell and Tyler Brown


Kaden Cooper and Shelbey Morris


Lauren Quimby and Andrew Gibbons with Friend Zoe Riley


Jesse Graves and Zach Garrison


Jaycee Graves and Shane Wallace


Destany Theas and Joe Davis