Rock Port High School Alumni Basketball and Volleyball Tournament fundraisers were held on Saturday, March 17, 2018.  There was a lot of fun had and some close competition on St. Patrick’s Day 2018.  Proceeds from both events go to the RPHS athletic departments.

The 2018 RPHS Alumni Volleyball Championship team “Gold Diggers” included, left to right – front row: Becky Meyerkorth, Kari Meyerkorth, and Jennifer Vogler; back row: Melanie Athen, Tawni Ellis, Allison Lawrence, Taya Lewis, and Alex Drewes

The 2018 RPHS Alumni Basketball Tournament Championship team “Ramrod” included, left to right, Brady Minter, Chandler Farmer, Cole Wilczek, Eric Duncan, Mitchell Minter, Austin Alitz, Chase Chamberlain, and Drew Ellison


Coming in 2nd place was the Meyerkorth Aviation team which included, left to right, front row: Andy Meyerkorth and Jack Meyerkorth; back row: Regan Griffin, Brandon Leseberg, Cory Scamman, Trey Garst, Aaron Carpenter, Adam Meyerkorth, and Jared Meyerkorth


The 2nd place “Slamrocks” included: front row: Jordyn Jakub, Madison Taylor, and Ciara Armstrong; back row: Melinda Bell, Stephanie Parsons, Blair Jaworski, and Libby Lotter


In 3rd place team “The Windmill Dunkers” including, left to right, Spencer Pierpoint, Bret Baldwin, Treyton Lewis, Adam Alitz, Jay Stanton, Damond Wennihan, and Dustin Pierpoint


The 3rd place team “Notorious D.I.G.” included ,front row: Brianna Gutierrez, Shadie Howell, Bradley Howell, and Payton Lair; back row: Journi Burke, Dayle Davis, and Sam Giddinge


The 4th place team named “Old School” included, left to right, front row: Jason Lewis, Wyatt Amthor, Jared McMahon, Clay Vogler, and T.J. True; back row: Ryan Kingery, Tyler Gebhards, Ryan Meyerkorth, and Jacob Erdman


In 4th place was team “Shamrocks the Net”  including, front row: Shae Neumeister, Donna Pritt, Dixie Teten, and Kari Amthor; back row: Megan Bebb, Jamie Aue, Jennifer Geib, and Wendy Hays