Jerry Crawford from Earl May was the guest speaker at the March 19 Sorosis meeting. (Photo submitted by Debbie Johnson)

By Leona Ray, Recording Secretary

The Fairfax Sorosis met March 19, 2018. We began our day with a Salad Luncheon.  We marveled at the fact that all the salads were different and very good.
After lunch, President Judy Holtz called the meeting to order. Roll call was, “My favorite garden flower or plant.” The minutes of the two previous meetings and the treasurer’s report were read and approved.
Committee Reports: New president for the coming year Debbie Johnson announced the addition of Mary Anne Pennel to the Social Committee. A thank you from the family of Nancy VanGundy for the memorial from the club was read. We will miss Nancy very much. She was a faithful and active member of Sorosis.
A motion was made by Barbara and seconded by Leona to give a gift of $25.00 to the academic banquet. All approved. Pam Cooper will attend the banquet and accept the certificate of appreciation.
The invitation from Rock Port Sorosis for April 18 was announced and 7 members indicated they would attend.
Critic Report: As spring is near and we’re waiting for the flowers it brings, Carolyn chose to read us “The Legend of the Tulip.” It was a beautiful Irish story of how a lonely old woman found a way to fill her yard full of tulips, children, and love. She also says that in the evening you may see a tiny fairy baby sleeping in the closing blooms.  Lets all check our tulips and maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see one asleep in our blooms.
The Bon Mot and Collect were recited.
Our guest speaker, Jerry Crawford from Earl May, was introduced by Georgia Gilley. Jerry began by asking if we had any questions. An afternoon of learning when to prune, when not to prune, where to plant, what likes shade, what likes sun, what gets huge and where do you plant it was enjoyed by all. We were very glad Jerry had come. It was a good time to learn what we needed to know and the laughter and fun made it a good afternoon. One of the most interesting questions was how to get rid of moles. After telling us of available products at Earl May, Jerry told us about a friend’s answer to the problem. His friend’s solution requires a lawn chair, a sun hat, and a large knife. Someone suggested a mole stabbing party, Ha! If you come you need to bring your own chair, hat, and knife.  Water will be furnished for the thirsty. The meeting was adjourned.