April 8, 1993
• The Atchison County 4-H Carnival Queen and King are Brooke Vette and Travis Gubser. Brooke is from the Farmer City 4-H Club and Travis is from the Northern Highlighters Club.
• A report from the National Earthquake Center, Golden, Colorado, verified that an earthquake had occurred Tuesday, March 30, 1993, at 8:02 p.m. and measured a 2.8 on the Richter scale with the epicenter being between Falls City, Nebraska, and Brownville, Nebraska, along the Nemaha Fault. The Nemaha Fault follows a line from Lincoln, Nebraska, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and according to statistics, this was the first such earthquake along the Nemaha Fault in about 30 years.
April 4, 1968
• Commencement exercises for the largest graduating class in the history of Tarkio College will be held on Sunday, April 7, in Schechter Auditorium at 2:30 p.m. Diplomas will be awarded at the 82nd annual commencement to 107 graduates.
• The Walnut Hotel was purchased this week by a corporation formed of five who are perhaps more interested in community benefit than financial gain. Don Hurst, Claude A. Templeton, George Knepper, Mrs. Joseph Stevenson, and Tarkio College comprise the corporation.
April 9, 1943
• About 400,000 household refrigerators, 148,847 electric and gas-operated, and the rest “ice boxes” will be available to the general public this spring, according to the consumers durable goods division of WPB.
• Classified “Wanted” ads include: “Married man wanted for general farm work – To live in Tarkio and furnish own car to go to and from work on the Mrs. W.F. Rankin farm, two miles form town. Will pay $.05 mileage and will furnish riding horse when road is bad. Will furnish four room house, garden plot, milk, 250 pounds of pork per year and feed 75 chickens. Steady work until corn husking. Wages $65. Would have house work for wife by the hour if she wanted to work. J.B. Shaum, Tarkio.”