Pictured is Jossalyn ‘egg’cited to have made a point, as her friends looked on.


This week the children in Ms. Amy’s and Ms. Katie’s classroom at Atchison County Head Start have continued to welcome spring with open arms, even if the weather is refusing to cooperate.
They were especially busy making kites, butterflies, do-a-dot flowers, fork tulips, rainbows, and spring marker watercolor art. This was sure to keep everyone busy while they wished for Mr. Golden Sun to visit.
In the midst of all the classroom creations students were able to work on their gross motor skills with a little “bunny ring toss”. Gross motor (physical) skills are those which require whole body movement and which involve the large (core stabilizing) muscles of the body to perform everyday functions, such as standing, walking, running, and sitting upright. It also includes eye-hand coordination skills such as ball skills (throwing, catching, kicking). Everyone had an ‘egg’cellent time!