By Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club met Tuesday, March 27, 2018, at Martha’s Bed and Breakfast with all members present. Everyone was glad to escape the gloomy weather that welcomed the spring season.  New playing cards from the Alamo were introduced since two of our members had vacationed in Texas. The cards seemed smaller than our old cards and they were bridge cards rather than the poker cards I would have expected from the Alamo. That’s ok though since we only gamble with quarters.
Pam Cooper won high, I won second high, and Janell McQuinn won low. Norma Bradfield was hostess and served Barb’s banana salad from the old Chatterspin Club cookbook recipe that Norma says is in tatters. I did get her to confess that she didn’t use real whipped cream, just my favorite whipped topping!
The chit-chat turned hilarious when our vacationers described their adventures in their favorite store, Stein Mart. It seems they examined every suitcase in the department, opening, closing, lifting, leaving them here and there, etc. They finally decided and were so pleased they went back the next day for one more item. I worked in retail for a short time and I can just imagine that in the backroom the clerks were drawing straws to see who was to help those dear ladies. Anyway, it made for tons of laughs before we started discussing how Home Depot, Menard’s, and Lowe’s ought to change the location of their restrooms. There is just no problem that can’t be solved at pitch.