RPHS Scholar Bowl

The Blue Jays’ Conference team included, from left to right, Ethan Lucas, Ayden Wilroy, Mercer Deatz, Ally Demott and Josie Watkins.

Blue Jay Scholar Bowl ends regular season play 24-6

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The Blue Jays traveled to Craig for the 275 Conference Tournament on March 28, 2018. The Blue Jays beat both Tarkio and DeKalb in the first two rounds 220-70 and 190-160.  In round three, Rock Port entered the loser’s bracket with a loss to Mound City 130-230.  The Blue Jays recovered defeating Jefferson 160-150 to face Mound City for the championship.  The Blue Jays ended the night with a second place finish to the Panthers, 90-260. Point totals for the five matches were captain Mercer Deatz – 200, Ethan Lucas – 130, Ally Demott – 110, and Ayden Wilroy – 70.  The Blue Jays ended the conference season with the 2nd place 275 Conference trophy and an overall match record of 24-6.  Both Mercer Deatz and Ethan Lucas received 1st Team All-Conference honors.  Districts will be held at Mound City on Saturday, April 14.