Rock Port junior Josie Watkins job shadowed at the Atchison County Mail newspaper office in Rock Port, owned by W.C. and Mike Farmer.


Tarkio junior Gabby DeRosier, right, job shadowed at Community Hospital-Fairfax in Fairfax, working under the tutelage of Jackie Martin, left, RN, Cardiac Rehab/Out-Patient.


Fairfax junior Jordan Sutter, left, job shadowed at Fuzzy’s Harvesting Repair near Tarkio, owned and operated by Kenneth Clapp, right.


Tarkio juniors Emily Vance, left, and Wyatt Gray, second from right, and Rock Port junior Brett Gayler, right, job shadowed Atchison County Deputy Devon Sons, second from left, for ACDC’s job shadow day March 28.


Rock Port junior Kelcie Gaines, right, job shadowed at Ella&Grey in Rock Port, owned and operated by Amber Graham, left.

Atchison County juniors worked beside our businessmen and women Wednesday, March 28, during Atchison County Development Corporation’s (ACDC) job shadow day.  Around 60 students took part, learning the ins and outs of the local businesses, not only to encourage them to return to Atchison County once they receive their college educations, but to also show them all the opportunities that await in the career field. Thanks to all businesses who took part in this program. #ACisAwesome.