April 15, 1993
• The Tarkio High School Vo Ag Mechanics Team placed 5th in a contest held in Maryville, qualifying the team for state competition. The team includes Shane McNaughton, Tim McEnaney, Sam Hannah, and Mike Nims. Their advisor is Dean Hicks.
• A balloon let go in Tarkio during a balloon lift in observance of National Handicap Month during March, was found in Derby, Kansas, approximately 275 miles from Tarkio, a few days after it was released.
April 11, 1968
• Carol Killin was selected the winner of this district of the Philharmonic Children’s Writing Contest. Timothy Shaw was named runner-up in the contest. The winners are students of Sid Cooper, music instructor of the Tarkio R-I Elementary School.
• There will be over 2,500 eggs hidden by the Chamber of Commerce for the annual Easter Egg Hunt to be held this Saturday afternoon in the South Community Park. Children between the ages of 3 to 12 years should arrive early as each will be given a free gift. There will also be 37 prizes furnished by the Calla Lily Camp No. 1545, Royal Neighbors of America and the Modern Woodmen of America.
April 16, 1943
• An all-night search for a lost 2 years, 8 months old baby boy ended at 8 o’clock Saturday morning when he was found hungry, but not even wet from the rain which fell during the night, standing by a fence about a mile and half from home. Men who were estimated to number more than 400 searched the surrounding territory for Ronnie Burns, who went missing at 7 o’clock Friday evening. When found and questioned where he had been, he responded “Daddy’s lost.”
• A truck belonging to the Wentz Fuel Oil Co. of Lincoln, Nebraska, hauled out the first truckload of oil to be transported from the Jim Cook No. 1 well. The oil was taken to Lincoln where it was processed by the Wentz skimming plant which will refine about 25% into gasoline and the remaining 75% will be used as heavy fuel oil and burned in heating plants in that city. Three more large transport trucks belonging to J. E. Wyatt Petroleum Oil Co. of Kansas City were loaded up this week and hauled to Maryville where the oil was used “straight” in the burners of the Maryville Milk Products Co.
• Coach A. C. Nuckolls announced Tuesday that, due to the lack of material, Tarkio College was forced to drop track athletic events for the duration of the war. All scheduled dual meets have been cancelled, and for the first time in the history of the school, the Owls will not be represented in the M.C.A.U.