April 9, 1943
Reports of high waters in the upper reaches of the Missouri River, with further spread of the stream, bring a flood threat to Atchison County lowlands. Latest reports indicate that the Old Muddy will reach a much higher crest than it did last year, with predictions that the flood stage will be at least four feet higher than it was a year ago. If these reports are true, and the anticipated rise continues, many hundreds of acres of good Atchison County bottom land along the uncertain stream will be under water before many days. Farther up the stream, at points in Iowa, the river was reported on Wednesday as having spread to a width of fifteen miles, with bottom families being evacuated and the prospect that thousands of acres of land will be made worthless for the 1943 season.
April 11, 1968
“The Boutique,” Rock Port’s newest beauty shop, opened for business April 11 at 481 Main Street. Miss Patty Mensen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Mensen, is the owner and operator. Patty will hold her grand opening April 19 with favors, a drawing and coffee and cookies. Patty graduated from Rock Port High School in May of 1967 and attended a beauty school in St. Joseph. She passed her state board examination April 2 and received her shop license April 5.
April 8, 1993
Many of us were startled and questioned “what was that?” on Tuesday, March 30, 1993. The loud bang and brief shake was caused by movement in the Humboldt Fault. The shake was enough to trigger seismic alarms at Cooper Nuclear Station. The plant is currently shut down for routine maintenance. No damage was reported from the quake, but crews began inspection for possible earthquake damage as it is protocol.