By Kay Gibson

The Watson Quilters met Thursday around one and sewed until around five. We each worked on our own things. We didn’t have the evening meeting due to some tired backs.
Remember May 26th is the Watson Alumni Banquet.
Scott Holmes’ house that blew up some time ago was torn down last week and burned. Wonder what Scott has in mind for its replacement.
Dear Mr. President,
I’m writing to apply for one of your secretary jobs, which ever one comes open first. I’d probably work best as Secretary of Agriculture (it’s about his time to go) because I was raised on a farm and my Dad made a farmer of me. I was a lousy farmer, but probably would know more about it, than say, some guy from New York City who wouldn’t know a plow from a plowshare. I’m enclosing my resume and I can almost guarantee I can last as long as your last secretary of whatever did.
P.S.  I also have a little building experience in case that’s a requisite.