Doe Ramey (Gena Mitchell), Jerry Atrick (Jesse Graves), Noah Count (Tyler Brown), and Holly Wood (Shelbey Morris) hang out in the Malt Shop during the Fairfax High School production of “Murder at the Malt Shop.”

Sheriff Colin Allcars (Kilea Cooper) talks to Norma Dreadful (Katy Baker) and Ginger Vitas (Olivia Morris) in the Malt Shop during the Fairfax High School production of “Murder at the Malt Shop.” Also pictured is Wynn Fairly (Jaycee Graves), back left, and Shirley Knott (Haley Garrison), back right.

Fairfax drama students put on a great production of “Murder at the Malt Shop” by Cheri L. Maxon this past weekend at Fairfax High School. “It’s the fabulous 50’s and the little town of Fairfax was full of suspicion and speculation! The Malt Shop was full of quirky characters and one of them just happened to be guilty of murder! Everyone had a motive to knock off old Principal Jerry Atrick, but who did it? Sheriff Colin Allcars and the Malt Shop customers tried to discover who was responsible for the foul play.
The cast of characters included Hedda Fuller Eyre – Shanna Gilpin; Sheriff Colin Allcars – Kilea Cooper; Jerry Atrick – Jesse Graves; Norma Dreadful – Katy Baker; Doe Ramey – Gena Mitchell; Ginger Vitas – Olivia Morris; Doc Dusenburg – Stormie Wallace; Squinty Peepers – Trey Agnew; Dee Lighted – Leslie Bradley; Bobbie Pinz – Tacy Mitchell; Jim Shorts – McKenzie Frohn; Shirley Knott – Haley Garrison; Wynn Fairly – Jaycee Graves; Holly Wood – Shelbey Morris; Russell Sprout – Gaven Talty; and Noah Count – Tyler Brown.
Directed by Kelly Morris, the production included lighting provided by Max Hopkins and Trinity Wooten; props provided by Jeremy Palmer and his ag shop students, Alicia Straub and Kerry Baker, and senior English students; costumes provided by Deb Wyatt, Susan Southard, and Betty Wennihan; Coca-Cola props and 45’s provided by Julie Koop; painting provided by Destany Theas and Kinley Thornhill; and props, painting, and costumes provided by the actors.