April 16, 1943
Almost out of a clear sky, but with a few heavy clouds floating overhead, there was quite a flurry of snow here Tuesday evening shortly after six o’clock. Persons who were not outdoors may have missed the unusual spectacle, as the flakes fell among early spring blooms, but to those who were outside the snow was easy to see as it was reflected against the setting sun.
Service on the main line of the Burlington between St. Joseph and Omaha was disrupted Tuesday morning when several hundred feet of track was washed out by the flooding Missouri River near Payne, Iowa. Efforts were made to maintain partial service by sending a train out of St. Joseph as far north as Hamburg, from which point the train was returned to St. Joseph and points south. As a result of curtailment of train service on the main line, mail and express service has been rather uncertain most of the week.
April 18, 1968
A tornado struck and destroyed the mobile home on the James Hudson farm east of Watson, Tuesday at 6:16 p.m. Mrs. Orval Thomas, his mother-in-law, lived in the 10×50 $3,000 trailer. Atchison County residents sighted at least six tornado during the warning which lasted from 6 to 8 p.m. Another storm hit the Danny Lair farm, eleven miles straight north of Rock Port, just over the Iowa line, destroying a garage, trees, several outbuildings and fences. The garage, a concrete block structure, was three feet from the house, but the house was not damaged except all the windows blown in.  It took the roof off of a corn crib and ripped out a fence row. As far as can be determined there was no livestock loss.
April 15, 1993
The traveling Pitch Trophy returns to Langdon after a lengthy absence (since 1988). The trophy is proudly on display at the Elk Inn Cafe. The trophy was recovered and placed back together after thoughtless culprits lifted it while on display at Watson. The Rock Port Fire Department again prepared food for this ravenous group of keen athletes which may have diminished their sharp senses. The Fire Department chefs are to be thanked and praised for their culinary talents.