By Georgia Gilley
The Tuesday Evening Club met Tuesday afternoon, April 10, 2018, at my home. It was one marvelous spring day when the hill wasn’t muddy, slick, or otherwise a mess. Sharon Smith substituted for our one missing member and everyone was so punctual that we managed to play eight games. Pam Cooper was the winner and Merylan Lowrey won second high, only two points below Pam. Martha Shaffer’s luck was not with her and won low score. I always hesitate to use the word ‘won” when you have low score, but in our game you get your money back. That’s winning!
I was hostess and served lemonade fluffy stuff made with cream cheese and my favorite whipped topping. Conversation centered around spring activities in everyone’s future. Also many complaints about the spring weather were mentioned. No tip-toeing through the tulips just yet!