The East Atchison and Rock Port jr. high track teams traveled to Mound City, Missouri, April 16, 2018, to compete in Squaw Creek Relays. The EA Wolves came away with 1st place out of 12 teams with a score of 95 and the RP Blue Jays finished 10th with a score of 14. The EA Lady Wolves finished 5th out of 13 teams with a score of 51 and the RP Lady Blue Jays finished 6th with a score of 43.


Individual EA and RP statistics follow (not all events were listed as some statistics were only provided to 6th place):
GIRLS – 100 Meter Dash – 13th, Sophia Martin EA, 14.99; 18th, Teagan Green RP, 15.62; and 19th, Tarika Patel RP, 16.00; 200 Meter Dash – 2nd, Kylie Nuckolls RP, 30.19; 7th, Sophia Martin EA, 31.13; and 21st, Erika Elam RP 34.87; 400 Meter Dash – 2nd, Faith Anderson EA, 1:09.71; 8th, Macie Hale RP, 1:14.95; and 19th, Morgan Cofer RP, 1:23.38; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Aubrey Watkins RP, 2:48.72; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Aubrey Watkins RP, 6:15.44; 100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Faith Anderson EA, 18.30; 5th, Natalie Hedlund EA, 19.73; 8th, Macie Hale RP, 20.71; and 10th, Tarika Patel RP, 21.03; 4×100 Meter Relay – 8th, RP (Kierstyn Jakub, Mikayla Makings, Teagan Green, Lily Smith), 1:03.09; 4×200 Meter Relay – 6th, EA (Kelsea Kirwan, Natalie Hedlund, Emily Blum, Alexis Gibler), 2:12.88; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Macie Hale, Kylie Nuckolls, Mikayla Makings, Aubrey Watkins), 4:58.71; 6th, EA (Alexis Gibler, Josie King, Emily Blum, Emilee Caudill), 5:26.63; High Jump – 1st, Faith Anderson EA, 4’10”; 2nd, Natalie Hedlund EA, 4’6”; and 9th, Lily Smith RP, 3’10”; Pole Vault – 4th (tie), Kelsea Kirwan EA, 5’6”; and 4th (tie), Kierra McDonald EA, 5’6”; Long Jump – 4th, Sophia Martin EA, 14’2”; 6th, Mikayla Makings RP, 12’7”; and 9th, Kierstyn Jakub RP, 12’5”; Triple Jump – 11th, Riley Walker RP, 23’3.5”; 12th, Alexis Gibler EA, 23’2.5”; and 13th, Emilee Caudill EA, 22’11.5”; Shot Put – 4th, Zoey Hurst RP, 27’; 10th, Hayley Palmer EA, 24’; 11th, Haley Garrison EA, 23’9.5”; and 21st, Anneliese Clauson RP, 17’5”; and Discus – 5th, Haley Garrison EA, 57’8”; 10th, Zoey Hurst RP, 54’2”; 17th, Riley Walker RP, 45’5”; and 19th, Kierra McDonald EA, 38’


BOYS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather EA, 12.46; 6th, Holden Farmer RP, 13.57; 16th, Josh Smith EA, 14.33; and 21st, Phillip Herron RP, 15.22; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather EA, 25.76; 6th, Micah Makings RP, 28.47; 8th, Holden Farmer RP, 28.79; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Titus Eaton EA, 1:00.58; 3rd, Lucas Joe­sting EA, 1:03.04; 7th, Micah Makings RP, 1:06.55; and 17th, Phillip Herron, 1:14.90; 800 Meter Run – 3rd, Braden Graves EA, 2:30.98; 100 Meter Hurdles – 7th, Brecken Kelly RP, 21.43; and 8th, Cody Frohn EA, 21.46; 4×100 Meter Relay – 6th, RP (Colten Stevens, Aidan Burke, Holden Farmer, Tyler Cook), 56.28; and 8th, EA (Daniel Lesher, Hunter Wolfe, Cameron Oswald, Josh Smith), 57.70; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Titus Eaton, Bo Graves, Braden Graves, Kaylin Merriweather), 1:48.94; and 9th, RP (Colten Stevens, Brecken Kelly, Philip Herron, Jarrett Hunter), 2:03.93; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Titus Eaton, Carter Holecek, Lucas Joesting, Bo Graves), 4:14.55; High Jump – 3rd, Titus Eaton EA, 5’; 13th, Bo Graves EA, 4’6”; and 15th, Holden Farmer RP 4’4”; Pole Vault – 3rd, Carter Holecek EA, 9’6”; and 5th, Deondre Hughes EA, 7’; Long Jump – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather EA, 18’2.75”; 3rd, Micah Makings RP, 16’11”; 17th, Matthew Driskell EA, 12’6”; and 20th, Trulin Pankau RP, 11’9”; Triple Jump – 4th, Carter Holecek EA, 32’11.5”; 5th, Micah Makings RP, 31’8”; and 11th, Oliver Smith EA, 28’1”; Shot Put – 6th, Colten Stevens RP, 32’3”; 7th, Cory Stevens EA, 31’9”; 8th, Josh Smith EA, 31’7”; and 21st, Jarrett Hunter RP, 23’10”; and Discus – 3rd (tie), Josh Smith EA, 97’5”; 5th, Colten Stevens RP, 92’3”; 8th, Jarrett Hunter RP, 82’11”; and 21st, Tony Skeen EA, 62’4”