The East Atchison and Rock Port Jr. High Track Teams traveled to Worth County to compete in Tiger Relays April 26, 2018.
East Atchison Lady Wolves placed 4th as a team with a score of 40.50, followed by Rock Port Lady Blue Jays in 5th with a team score of 36. The East Atchison Wolves placed 5th as a team with a score of 49, followed by Rock Port Blue Jays in 9th with a score of 12.


Individual statistics for Atchison County athletes (1st place finishers of each event are also included):
GIRLS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Kayley Hauber, Platte Valley, 13.61; 11th, Sophia Martin, EA, 14.83; 14th, Camryn Holecek, EA, 14.99; 21st, Teagan Green, RP, 15.26; and 22nd, Lily Smith, RP, 15.67; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Jayliegh Robins, North Harrison, 28.42; 5th, Kylie Nuckolls, RP, 29.75; 7th, Sophia Martin, EA, 30.55; 16th, Kierra McDonald, EA, 32.66; and 23rd, Erika Elam, RP, 34.23; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Jayliegh Robins, North Harrison, 1:04.42; 9th, Faith Anderson, EA, 1:12.12; 10th, Macie Hale, RP, 1:12.71; 24th, Alexis Gibler, EA, 1:21.91; and 26th, Tarika Patel, RP, 1:24.52; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Aubrey Watkins, RP, 2:43.04; 15th, Riley Walker, RP, 3:12.70; and 21st, Jaden Goodin, EA, 4:00.68; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Aubrey Watkins, RP, 5:57.08; 11th, Morgan Cofer, RP, 7:13.77; and 13th, Josie King, EA, 7:28.53; 100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Jillian Plymell, Pattonsburg, 17.87; 2nd, Faith Anderson, EA, 18.15; 4th, Tarika Patel, RP, 19.85; and 5th, Macie Hale, RP, 19.92; 4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany (Phoenix Coil, Lily Wilson, Ivy Houts, Claire Manring), 56.56; 10th, EA (Sophia Martin, Kierra McDonald, Tessa Rolf, Camryn Holecek), 1:01.17; and 14th, RP (Kierstyn Jakub, Lily Smith, Teagan Green, Mickayla Makings), 1:02.65; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, Albany (Phoenix Coil, Lily Wilson, Delaney Shields, Claire Manring), 2:02.06; 7th, EA (Camryn Holecek, Natalie Hedlund, Emily Blum, Alexis Gibler), 2:08.81; and 11th, RP (Kierstyn Jakub, Kate Ottmann, Teagan Green, Kylie Nuckolls), 2:10.15; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, King City (Chloe Eiberger, Shae Lewis, Taryn Hunter, Madilyn Wall), 4:49.54; 2nd, RP (Macie Hale, Kylie Nuckolls, Kierstyn Jakub, Aubrey Watkins), 4:58.39; and 8th, EA (Alexis Gibler, Emily Blum, Emilee Caudill, Tessa Rolf), 5:17.87; High Jump – 1st, Faith Anderson, EA, 4’8″; 3rd, Natalie Hedlund, EA, 4’6″; and 17th (4-way tie), Lily Smith, RP, and Riley Walker, RP, 3’10”; Pole Vault – 1st, Jordan Meng, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, 6’6″; 4th, Kierra McDonald, EA, 6′; and 6th (tie), Kelsea Kirwan, EA, 5’6″; Long Jump – 1st, Kayley Hauber, Platte Valley, 13’10”; 5th, Sophia Martin, EA, 12’9″; 10th, Camryn Holecek, EA, 11’11”; 18th, Kierstyn Jakub, RP, 10’11.5″; and 22nd, Mikayla Makings, RP, 10’4.50″; Triple Jump – 1st, Justina Wimer, Worth County, 29′; 4th, Tessa Rolf, EA, 27’3″; 11th, Alexis Gibler, EA, 24’9.5″; and 23rd, Riley Walker, RP, 21’9″; Shot Put – 1st, Ashley Brown, Maysville, 40′; 7th, Mikayla Makings, RP, 30’2″; 14th, Emily Blum, EA, 27’5″; 17th, Haley Garrison, EA, 27′; and 20th, Zoey Hurst, RP, 25’3″; and Discus Throw – 1st, Ashley Brown, Maysville, 84’5″; 3rd, Haley Garrison, EA, 74’1″; and 18th, Zoey Hurst, RP, 58’1″


BOYS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Braden Spurling, South Harrison, 12.35; 2nd, Kaylin Merriweather, EA, 12.36; 14th, Hunter Wolfe, EA, 13.72; 21st, Tyler Cook, RP, 14.47; and 22nd, Jarrett Hunter, RP, 14.77; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather, EA, 25.26; 10th, Micah Makings, RP, 28.75; 16th, Bo Graves, EA, 29.63; and 19th, Aidan Burke, RP, 30.89; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Wyatt Hacker, South Harrison, 1:00.84; 5th, Lucas Joesting, EA, 1:03.40; 22nd, Phillip Herron, RP, 1:17.61; and 24th, Trulin Pankau, RP, 1:21.59; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Dawson Fansher, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, 2:24.91; 7th, Braden Graves, EA, 2:35.44; and 30th, Gaven Talty, EA, 3:22.50; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Taylor Teel, Gallatin, 5:15.24; 20th, Cody Frohn, EA, 6:16.13; 25th, Cameron Oswald, EA, 6:45.12; and 26th, Trulin Pankau, RP, 7:03.46; 100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Jace Cousatte, Worth County, 16.01; 11th, Cody Frohn, EA, 20.58; 12th, Brecken Kelly, RP, 21.05; and 17th, Aidan Burke, RP, 22.17; 4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, Worth County (Jon Galanakis, Lucas Wake, Aydan Gladstone, Levi Cassavaugh), 53.53; 6th, EA (Daniel Lesher, Braden Graves, Josh Smith, Hunter Wolfe), 54.96; and 9th, RP (Colten Stevens, Aidan Burke, Tyler Cook, Micah Makings), 56.28; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, South Harrison (Parker Chamberlin, Wyatt Hacker, Chance Corbett, Braden Spurling), 1:44.71; 2nd, RP (Titus Eaton, Bo Graves, Braden Graves, Kaylin Merriweather), 1:47.59; and 12th, RP (Jarrett Hunter, Brecken Kelly, Phillip Herron, Tyler Cook), 2:06.29; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, King City (Carter Mooney, Jacob Boone, Parker Muff, Jacob Richey), 4:12.93; 5th, EA (Bo Graves, Lucas Joesting, Carter Holecek, Titus Eaton), 4:31.56; High Jump – 1st, Levi Hittle, King City, 5’2″; 5th, Titus Eaton, EA, 4’10”; and 20th, Bo Graves, EA, 4’4″; Pole Vault – 1st, Braden Spurling, South Harrison, 10′; 5th, Carter Holecek, EA, 9′; and 11th, Deondre Hughes, EA, 7′; Long Jump – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather, EA, 17’5.75″; 10th, Micah Makings, RP, 14’2.5″; 21st, Cameron Oswald, EA, 12′; and 28th, Phillip Herron, RP, 11’2.5″; Triple Jump – 1st, Alex Rinehart, Worth County, 35’7″; 2nd, Micah Makings, RP, 31’6″; and 9th, Deondre Hughes, EA, 28′; Shot Put – 1st, Hayden Elifrits, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, 44′; 4th, Colten Stevens, RP, 36’5″; 7th, Cory Stevens, EA, 34’7″; 11th, Josh Smith, EA, 31’9″; and 13th, Jarrett Hunter, RP, 31’5″; Discus Throw – 1st, Sawyer McCallon, King City, 113’7″; 4th, Josh Smith, EA, 106’7″; and 10th, Colten Stevens, RP, 90’5″