May 6, 1993
• Fairfax High School hosted the “Midnight Masquerade” junior/senior prom in the gym. Heather Lawrence was named Prom Queen and Lane BreDahl was named Prom King.
• “Over The Backfence” by Nancy Gaines said, “Weather: the lawn mowers are buzzing, grass is growing leaps and bounds with all the cool wet weather. The tulips are just beautiful here and that makes me think they would be spectacular in Pella, Iowa, at the Tulip Festival. Several from Fairfax will be attending, maybe they will report. Still too wet for the farmers to plant crops.”
May 2, 1968
• Retired after 30 years of faithful service – the trusty fire-fighting truck has served the community since it was purchased for a total cost of $1,700 in 1938.  The old pumper is in pretty good shape considering its age. Jake Moore, who served as fire chief through most of its service tenure, stated the original tires containing original air were still in use.
• Miss Linda Martin and Miss Joyce Smith were chosen by the First National Bank of Tarkio as winners of the Citizenship Short Course Scholarship. The awards will be presented to Miss Martin and Miss Smith in the form of a 10-day all-expense-paid trip to the National 4-H Center in Washington, D.C. Miss Martin is presently serving her 9th year as a member of the Morning Sun 4-H Club, where she currently is vice-president. Miss Smith is enrolled in her 7th year with the York 4-H Club and is acting treasurer for the 1968 club year.
May 7, 1943
• Miss Ella K. Godman, Red Cross disaster worker,from the St. Louis office, who visited Atchison County during the recent Missouri River flood, has made the following report on conditions she found here: Six thousand acres inundated from a few inches to eight feet in depth, average depth about 18 inches; 65 families evacuated; 28 cases of emergency rescues, transportation, or mass feedings; 13 received food, clothing, or other maintenance; 3 received farm supplies, livestock, or equipment from the Red Cross funds.