Fischer Tharp

Fischer Tharp tees off at the Rock Port golf meet.


Skyler Schomburg

Skyler Schomburg golfed a 64 in the Rock Port golf meet.


Ethan Brumbaugh

Ethan Brumbaugh putting in the Rock Port golf meet against East Atchison and Mound City. Ethan golfed a 44.


Zach Sapp

East Atchison’s Zach Sapp scored a 60 at the Rock Port golf meet.


Jimi Elder

East Atchison golfer Jimi Elder chips onto the green at the Rock Port golf meet.


The Rock Port Blue Jay Golf Team hosted East Atchison and Mound City on April 24, 2018. Rock Port won the match with a team score of 262, followed by Mound City with 322 and East Atchison with 370. Jase Hughes was the match medalist with a 41.
Other Rock Port golf stats include: Ethan Brumbaugh – 44; Fischer Tharp – 53; Kade Jones – 56; and Karen LaHue – 68. East Atchison’s individual golf results include: Kaden Cooper – 58; Zach Sapp – 60; Jimi Elder – 69; and Shane Wallace – 84. Mound City’s individual golf results include: Dylan Mars – 50; Tanner W. – 59; James B. – 64; Gage S. – 65; and Ben B. – 84.