Abbie Hale, Marisa Carder

Lady Jays Abbie Hale, right, and Marisa Carder, back left, race down the track in the 100 Meter Dash. Abbie placed 2nd and Marisa placed 5th.


Alex Dewhirst

Rock Port’s Alex Dewhirst runs his leg of a relay race in the 275 Conference high school boys’ meet.


Briacin Bywater

EA’s Briacin Bywater, right, placed 2nd in both the 110 Meter and 300 Meter Hurdles in the high school boys’ races.


Kaylin Merriweather

EA’s Kaylin Merriweather placed 1st in the jr. high boys’ 100 Meter Dash with a time of 12.93.


Darius Skillen

Rock Port’s Darius Skillen placed 3rd in the high school girls’ high jump with a height of 4’6”.


Camryn Holecek

EA’s Camryn Holecek placed 3rd in the jr. high girls’ Long Jump with a jump of 13’3”.


Brecken Kelly

Brecken Kelly gets his trail leg up during the running of the Jr. high boys’ 100 Meter Hurdles.


Cody Frohn

EA’s Cody Frohn placed 7th in the jr. high boys’ 100 Meter Hurdles with a time of 21.12.


Jarrett Hunter

RP’s Jarrett Hunter runs his heat in the 100 Meter Dash Jr. High boys’ preliminaries.


Bo Graves

EA’s Bo Graves placed 3rd in the 200 Meter Dash with a time of 27.45 in the jr. high boys’ race.


Erika Elam

RP’s Erika Elam runs the 200 during the Jr. high girls’ preliminaries.


The 2018 275 Conference Jr. High and High School Track Meet was held Tuesday, May 1, in Mound City.
Mound City Lady Panthers won the girls’ high school meet with a team score of 148. Other team scores included: 2nd, Rock Port, 97; 3rd, East Atchison, 90; 4th, DeKalb, 72; 5th, Platte Valley, 58; 6th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, 47; 7th, Northeast Nodaway, 39; 8th, North West Nodaway, 22; 9th, Osborn, 8; 10th, Stewartsville, 2; and 11th, Union Star, 1.
The Platte Valley girls’ junior high team placed 1st with a score of 85. Other girls’ jr. high team scores included: 2nd, Mound City, 66; 3rd, DeKalb, 61; 4th, East Atchison, 59; 4th, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, 59; 6th,  Rock Port, 54; 7th, Stewartsville, 28; 8th, North West Nodaway, 25; 9th, Union Star, 11; 10th, Osborn, 9; and 11th, Northeast Nodaway, 7.
The Mound City boys’ high school team placed 1st with a score of 133. Other men’s team scores include: 2nd, East Atchison, 118; 3rd, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, 107.50; 4th, Platte Valley, 68; 5th, Stewartsville, 62; 6th, Rock Port, 52; 7th, Union Star, 20.50; 8th, Northeast Nodaway, 17; and 9th, North West Nodaway, 11.
The South Holt/Nodaway-Holt jr. high boys’ team placed 1st with a score of 114. Other jr. high men’s team scores included: 2nd, East Atchison, 109; 3rd, Mound City, 79.20; 4th, Platte Valley, 36.20; 5th, North West Nodaway, 28.20; 6th, Stewartsville, 28; 7th, Rock Port, 20.20; 8th, Northeast Nodaway, 19.20; 9th, DeKalb, 14; and 10th, Union Star, 13; and Osborn 4. Individual Rock Port (RP) and East Atchison (EA) results follow (the 1st place finish in each event is also listed; some events are only listed to a certain place):


HS GIRLS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Kirstian Goddard, DeKalb, 13.79; 2nd, Abbie Hale, RP, 13.88; 5th, Marisa Carder, RP, 14.25; and 14th, Harley Caudill, EA, 16.01; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Victoria Nauman, MC, 28.84; 3rd, Makenna Farmer, RP, 29.31; 6th, Marisa Carder, RP, 30.25; 9th, Autumn Murry, EA, 30.99; and 11th, Jesse Graves, EA, 33.63; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Makenna Farmer, RP, 1:03.91; 3rd, Grace Martin, EA, 1:07.53; and 10th, Catyn Chamberlain, RP, 1:15.17; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Kameron Freemyer, MC, 2:38.36; 4th, Sophie Brumbaugh, RP, 2:44.10; 5th, Brynnan Poppa, EA, 2:47.33; and 7th, Jesse Graves, EA, 3:00.15; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Ashley Riley, PV, 5:39.09; and 7th, Brianna Maxwell, EA, 6:37.24; 3200 Meter Run – 1st, Ashley Riley, PV, 12:11.32; 5th, Rebekah Lucas, RP, 14:15.33; and 8th, Brianna Maxwell, EA, 14.50.31; 100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Olivia Richards, SH/NH, 17.30; 5th, Kaely Kirwan, EA, 18.39; 8th, Johnny Davis, RP, 20.24; 10th, Cheyenne Gray, EA, 20.50; and 13th, Kelsie Davis, RP, 22.59; 300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Abbie Hale, RP, 48.87; 7th, Johnny Davis, RP, 55.27; 10th, Ella Rolf, EA, 57.24; and 14th, Cheyenne Gray, EA, 1:03; 4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Abbie Hale, Makenna Farmer, Rachel Vogler, Marisa Carder), 53.21; and 3rd, EA (Autumn Murry, Tawni Martin, Lily Graves, Kaely Kirwan), 56.27; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Mercees Parshall, Tawni Martin, Autumn Murry, Grace Martin), 1:57.62; and 2nd, RP (Catyn Chamberlain, Rachel Vogler, Riley Vogler, Marisa Carder), 1:59.03; 4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, MC (Kameron Freemyer, Sianna Mead­ows, Victoria Nauman, Emma Derr), 10:25.82; 2nd, EA (Brynnan Poppa, Tawni Martin, Grace Martin, Mercees Parshall), 10:51.11; and 3rd, RP (Catyn Chamberlain, Rebekah Lucas, Riley Vogler, Sophie Brumbaugh), 11:14.40; High Jump – 1st, Mackenzie Finney, NWN, 4’10”; 3rd, Darius Skillen, RP, 4’6”; 7th, Cat Prater, EA, 4’4”; and 8th (tie), Anna Klute, EA, 4’2”; Pole Vault – 1st, Kaely Kirwn, EA, 8’6”; and 3rd, Alli Yates, EA, 7’6”; Long Jump – 1st, Olivia Richards, SH/NH, 15’3”; 9th, Ella Rolf, EA, 13’; 10th, Brynnan Poppa, EA, 12’6.5”; and 13th, Gretchen Tharp, RP, 10’.75”; Triple Jump – 1st, Olivia Richards, SH/NH, 33’10”; 3rd, Mercedes Parshall, EA, 32’4”; and 10th, Kelcie Gaines, RP, 26’6”; Shot Put – 1st, Alivia Baucom, RP, 33’7”; 3rd, Jaycee Graves, EA, 30’9.75”; 6th, Hallee Bradley, RP, 28’5.5”; and 16th, Dixie Hendrix, EA, 23’11”; Discus Throw – 1st, Jaycee Graves, EA, 96’11.5”; 7th, Hallee Bradley, RP, 81’4”; 8th, Alivia Baucom, RP, 78’10”; and 20th, Madison Lesher, EA, 44’1”; and Javelin Throw – 1st, Madison Ohrt, EA, 106’5”; 5th, Kelcie Gaines, RP, 83’10”; 6th, Riley Vogler, RP, 83’9”; and 10th, Jaycee Graves, EA, 74’10”.


JH GIRLS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Kayley Hauber, PV, 13.84; 6th, Sophia Martin, EA, 15.21; 11th, Camryn Holecek, EA, 15.26; 13th, Teagan Green, RP, 15.93; and 15th, Kate Ottmann, RP, 16.51; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Kayley Hauber, PV, 29.75; 3rd, Kylie Nuckolls, RP, 30.54; 6th, Sophia Martin, 31.06; 11th, Kierra McDonald, EA, 32.92; and 14th, Erika Elam, RP, 34.72; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Kayley Hauber, PV, 1:06.49; 4th, Macie Hale, RP, 1:10.32; 5th, Faith Anderson, EA, 1:10.82; 10th, Natalie Hedlund, EA, 1:13.29; and 13th, Kierstyn Jakub, RP, 1:15.41; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Aubrey Watkins, RP, 2:43.67; and 6th, Riley Walker, RP, 3:05.02; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Aubrey Watkins, RP, 6:01.34; 100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Lainie Vogan, DeKalb, 18.73; 4th, Faith Anderson, EA, 18.92; 6th, Tarika Patel, RP, 20.70; 8th, Natalie Hedlund, EA, 20.03; and 9th, Macie Hale, RP, 20.20; 4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, SH/NH (Olivia Ordonez, Hadley Coleman, Kloe Jenkins, Emma Bohannon), 57.88; 4th, EA (Sophia Martin, Kierra McDonald, Tessa Rolf, Camryn Holecek), 59.13; and 9th, RP (Kate Ottmann, Lily Smith, Teagan Green, Mikayla Makings), 1:02.69; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, NWN (Piper Hunt, Jacquelyn Cline, Felicia Wylie, Abbi Marsh), 2:02.73; 4th, RP (Kierstyn Jakub, Kate Ottmann, Lily Smith, Kylie Nuckolls), 2:09.07; and 5th, EA (Camryn Holecek, Natalie Hedlund, Emily Blum, Alexis Gibler), 2:10.01; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Macie Hale, Kylie Nuckolls, Kierstyn Jakub, Aubrey Watkins), 4:48.14; and 6th, EA (Alexis Gibler, Emily Blum, Emilee Caudill, Tessa Rolf), 5:11.96; High Jump – 1st, Faith Anderson, EA, 4’8”; 3rd, Natalie Hedlund, EA, 4’4”; and 8th (4-way tie), Lily Smith, RP, 4’; Pole Vault – 1st, Sydney Meadows, MC, 7’3”; 4th, Kierra McDonald, EA, 6’; and 5th, Kelsea Kirwan, 5’6”; Long Jump – 1st, Carissa Martin, DeKalb, 14’.5”; 3rd, Camryn Holecek, EA, 13’3”; 5th, Sophia Martin, EA, 12’9.5”; 8th, Kierstyn Jakub, RP, 11’11.5”; and 14th, Mikayla Makings, RP, 11’2”; Triple Jump – 3rd, Tessa Rolf, EA, 29’7”; 12th, Alexis Gibler, EA, 23’10”; and 13th, Riley Walker, RP, 23’9”; Shot Put – 3rd, Mikayla Makings, RP, 29’1.25”; 7th, Emily Blum, EA, 26’5”; 9th, Haley Garrison, EA, 25’5.5”; and 14th, Zoey Hurst, RP, 23’2”; Discus Throw – 1st, Bailey Long, MC, 84’1”; 2nd, Haley Garrison, EA, 77’8”; 5th, Zoey Hurst, RP, 61’4.5”; 18th, Anneliese Clauson, RP, 40’3”; and 19th, Angel Wallace, EA, 36’


HS BOYS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Austin Pankau, MC, 11.99; 3rd, Joey Herron, RP, 12.42; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Reagan Morris, SH/NH, 24.39; 2nd, Gage McAdams, EA 24.63; 6th, Evan Elam, RP, 25.78; and 8th, Joey Herron, RP, 25.98; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Reagan Morris, SH/NH, 53.99; 2nd, Garrett Meyer, EA, 57.73; 4th, Ryan Dewhirst, RP, 59.00; 6th, Shae DeRosier, EA, 59.94; and 10th, Alex Burke, RP, 1:03.55; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Jake McEnaney, EA, 2:11.34; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Jake McEnaney, EA, 4:44.78; and 6th, Alex Dewhirst, RP, 5:19.18; 3200 Meter Run – 1st, Lane Zembles, MC, 10:54.81; 3rd, Jake McEnaney, EA, 11:32.68; and 4th, Alexander Dewhirst, RP, 11:57.01; 110 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Isaiah Parker, Stewartsville, 16.39; 2nd, Briacin Bywater, EA, 16.46; and 6th, Wyatt Burke, EA, 20.32; 300 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Clayton Walker, PV, 43.25; 2nd, Briacin Bywater, EA, 43.26; 8th, Gabe Minter, RP, 49.07; and 10th, Wyatt Burke, EA, 51.96; 4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, MC (Drake Mohamed, Alex Carver, Tyler Phillips, Noah Young), 46.84; 4th, RP (Joey Herron, Ryan Dewhirst, Evan Elam, Brock Martin), 47.98; and 7th, EA (Wyatt Burke, Hunter Bennett, Treyton Bowling, Wyatt Gray), 53.14; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, SH/NH (Eric Ottman, Cole Alloway, Reagan Morris, Westyn Williams), 1:36.77; 3rd, RP (Joey Herron, Ryan Dewhirst, Evan Elam, Brock Martin), 1:41.97; and 4th, EA (Briacin Bywater, Gus Hurst, Ian Hedlund, Treyton Bowling), 1:44.09; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, MC (Alex Carver, Tyler Phillips, Drake Mohamed, Austin Pankau), 3:46.36; 2nd, EA (Jake McEnaney, Garrett Meyer, Shae DeRosier, Briacin Bywater), 3:51.25; and 3rd, RP (Brett Gayler, Evan Elam, Alex Dewhirst, Ryan Dewhirst), 3:54.92; 4×800 Meter Relay – 1st, PV (Steven Chor, Nathan Jermain, Patrick O’Connor, Trever McQueen), 9:09.31; 3rd, RP (Preston Klappenbach, Gabe Minter, Brett Gayler, Alex Dewhirst), 9:59.56; and 4th, EA (Garrett Meyer, Trey Bowling, Gus Hurst, Shae DeRosier), 10:07.67; High Jump – 1st, Gage McAdams, EA, 5’8”; 5th, Trey Peshek, RP, 5’4”; and 7th (tie), Garrett Meyer, EA, 5’2”; Pole Vault – 1st, Gage McAdams, EA, 13’6”; and 5th, Gus Hurst, EA, 9’6”; Long Jump – 1st, Gage Rush, Stewartsville, 18’3.25”; 3rd, Gage McAdams, EA, 17’5.75”; and 7th, Corbin Hale, RP, 14’2”; Triple Jump – 1st, Reagan Morris, SH/NH, 40’1.5”; 5th, Trey Bowling, EA, 36’7.5”; 8th, Wyatt Burke, EA, 34’10”; and 9th, Alex Burke, RP, 33’6”; Shot Put – 1st, Colton Wilmes, NEN, 42.5”; 8th, Ian Hedlund, EA, 35’5”; 9th, Dalton Brake, RP, 35’2.5”; 11th, Dalton Stevens, RP, 32’7”; and 15th, Wyatt Gray, EA, 29’1”; Discus Throw – 1st, Cole Alloway, SH/NH, 123’7.5”; 2nd, Dalton Brake, RP, 119’1.5”; 3rd, Ian Hedlund, EA, 118’10.5”; 4th, Dalton Stevens, RP, 113’5.5”; and 15th, Wyatt Gray, EA, 78’3; and Javelin Throw – 1st, Gage Rush, Stewartsville, 157’; 3rd, Ian Hedlund, EA, 128’2”; 7th, Shae DeRosier, EA, 120’4”; 14th, Aaron Lawrence, RP, 99’6”; and 15th, Corbin Hale, RP, 80’3”


JH BOYS – 100 Meter Dash – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather, EA, 12.93; 6th, Holden Farmer, RP, 13.95; 9th, Hunter Wolfe, EA, 14.00; and 12th, Jarrett Hunter, RP, 14.98; 200 Meter Dash – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather, EA, 25.63; 3rd, Bo Graves, EA, 27.45; 11th, Tyler Cook, RP, 30.65; and 12th, Brecken Kelly, RP, 33.12; 400 Meter Dash – 1st, Titus Eaton, EA, 1:00.55; 3rd, Lucas Joesting, EA, 1:01.73; 6th, Micah Makings, RP, 1:04.27; and 16th, Phillip Herron, RP, 1:14.60; 800 Meter Run – 1st, Dawson Fansher, SH/NH, 2:22.62; and 6th, Braden Graves, EA, 2:29.44; 1600 Meter Run – 1st, Dawson Fansher, SH/NH, 5:17.04; 100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Tony Osburn, MC, 17.74; 6th, Aidan Burke, RP, 20.93; 7th, Cody Frohn, EA, 21.12; and 9th, Brecken Kelly, RP, 22.23; 4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, SH/NH (Dillon Marxer, Brody Scroggins, Hayden Elifrits, Gavin Leeper), 52.47; 2nd, RP (Colten Stevens, Aidan Burke, Holden Farmer, Micah Makings), 53.58; and 4th, EA (Daniel Lesher, Braden Graves, Josh Smith, Hunter Wolfe), 54.09; 4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Titus Eaton, Bo Graves, Braden Graves, Kaylin Merriweather), 1:45.79; and 8th, RP (Phillip Herron, Aidan Burke, Brecken Kelly, Tyler Cook), 2:11.22; 4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Bo Graves, Lucas Joesting, Carter Holecek, Titus Eaton), 4:09.78; and 9th, RP (Holden Farmer, Colten Stevens, Tyler Cook, Phillip Herron), 4:42.35; High Jump – 1st, Doran Saunders, Stewartsville, 5’2”; 2nd, Titus Eaton, EA, 5’; and 6th (5-way tie), Holden Farmer, RP, 4’6”; Pole Vault – 1st, Tony Osburn, MC, 10’6”; 2nd, Carter Holecek, EA, 9’; and 6th, Deondre Hughes, EA, 7’6”; Long Jump – 1st, Kaylin Merriweather, EA, 16’6.5”; 6th, Micah Makings, RP, 14’9.5”; 10th, Phillip Herron, RP, 12’; and 16th, Cameron Oswald, EA, 11’1.5”; Triple Jump – 1st, Tony Osburn, MC, 37’1”; 3rd, Carter Holecek, EA, 33’6”; 4th, Micah Makings, RP, 33’2; and 6th, Deondre Hughes, EA, 29’10”; Shot Put – 1st, Hayden Elifrits, SH/NH, 42’5.5”; 7th, Colten Stevens, RP, 32’6”; 8th, Josh Smith, EA, 32’3”; 9th, Corey Stevens, EA, 32’2”; and 10th (tie), Jarrett Hunter, RP, 28’; and Discus Throw – 1st, Brayden Munn, NEN, 127’4.5”; 2nd, Josh Smith, EA, 108’5”; 4th, Colten Stevens, RP, 97’9”; 10th, Jarrett Hunter, RP, 79’9”; and 13th, Tony Skeen, EA, 70’6”