Pictured at State Music Contest are RPHS students, top to bottom, Liven Schockenhoff, Chris Sticken, RyAnne Herron, Josie Watkins, Summer Greenwalt and  RPHS Band and choir director, Abby Palmer. (Submitted photo)

Abby N. Palmer, Band & Choir Director, Rock Port School District

Five students and accompanists traveled to Columbia last Thursday, April 26, 2018, for an early morning of music on Friday, April 27, 2018!
A new rating system was implemented this year. Instead of a score of 1-5, the new values are gold, silver, or bronze.
The results for the Rock Port High School students competing at State Music were:
Gold: Josie Watkins-vocal
Silver: Liven Schockenhoff-flute, RyAnne Herron-clarinet and Summer Greenwalt-trombone
Bronze: Chris Sticken-vocal
“Everyone did a great job! Proud of them! It was a good couple of days!” said Mrs. Palmer.